1. D

    Is it possible to cut bath panels without ruining them?

    2100 wall to take 1800 bath/shower. I'm putting studs using bathroom boards at each end to bring the 2100 down to 1800ish (just over), but the stud at the taps end will cover that whole wall to lose the pipework for new sink/toilet also. The face of the tiles infringing on the plan/footprint of...
  2. W

    Question on strengthening & screwing through plasterboard

    Hi all. Hope this is in the right place. Ive got an interior wall I want to hang a screen on. The combined weight of screen plus arm mount is about 17KG or so. The wall itself appears to be 2 pieces of 12mm plasterboard backed to each other, without a stud nearby (it possibly has those metal...
  3. thunt

    Retro Fit Insect Screen - Trickle Vents

    Hello, Social housing tenant here who had new windows installed over a year ago. Been getting dead bugs on the window sill and noticed there is no insect guards fitted in the trickle vents. Reply from housing is vents conform to building regs, so nothing they are prepared to do, but i can...
  4. cwhaley

    L-shaped bath/shower screen leak

    I have one of those l-shaped bath screens to fit my l-shaped bath. I've sealed the screen as per the manufacturer's instructions and have replaced the sealing strip at the bottom of each pane of glass. Unfortunately, it still leaks at the point circled in red on the below picture (where the...
  5. P

    New bath required, P or L shape?

    Hey All, Happy new year! We`re building a new bathroom and we`re considering a whirlpool bath with shower. Am considering an P or L shaped. I`m concerned that a few years down the line the shower screen will leak or someone will crack the side panel and will be a right pain to find a...