1. U

    Concrete Garage - Self Leveling?

    Hi DIY Crew! A new 15cm concrete base + prefab sectional garage will be built soon in my back yard. It's a 5.61 x 5.56 m double garage. Base is going to be raised over the garden terrain, thus water should relatively stay away from the actual garage floor. However, I understood that concrete...
  2. B

    Sealing a shower cubicle

    One side of my shower cubicle has a slight leak through the silicone sealant. This has also gunged up with a brown fungus. I need to clear it out to reseal it and I'm going to have a go at doing it myself. What's the best way to get the old sealant out? (See pictures)
  3. D

    Can I reseal part of my bath tub?

    Hi there, I can see the sealant coming away slightly on one of the ends of the tub where it meets the wall/tiles. The other 2 seals seem fine. So I've removed the silicone across the edge of the bath where the taps are and have left the rest alone. Can I just re seal the one edge or do I need...
  4. JimDogweed

    Best sealant for sealing outside of door frame

    We have a small gap (worse on the left side) running around the door frame of our 1900 terraced house. The frame is wood. What's the best type of sealant to fill this gap? Would an outdoor silicone sealant like this be best...
  5. P

    Sealing skirted bathtub

    There are plenty of tutorials for sealing/caulking bathtubs. However, my bathtub has a kind of skirting around its edge, as in picture: How do I go about that? Should I caulk both edges? I plan to use standard silicone, would that be good for both? Is there any particular I should keep in mind...
  6. Greg_0ry1

    Window Gasket replaceable?

    Hello, I am wondering if my window gaskets are replaceable? As they are mostly broken it seems to be impossible to get them out or they are not suppose to come out. Any advise would be appreciated Thanks IMG_2945 by Greg_0ry1 posted 5 Dec 2019 at 5:14 PM IMG_2946 by Greg_0ry1 posted 5 Dec...
  7. N

    Sealing Old plaster - Zinsser BIN or Mist?

    Hi, I have stripped back wallpaper to bare original plaster and whilst generally it's good there are a few small patches of what I think is old PVA or wallpaper backing residue left. I'm aiming to paint over in white. I will try to get any remaining residue off but then was thinking do I: Use...
  8. M

    Sealing Travertine kitchen flooring

    Hi guys, Tiler has laid some newly chipped edge travertine tiling in my kitchen very beautiful with an ivory grout. before grout, we sealed the tile with a solvent impregnated sealer using "DRY TREAT " Stain-proof. Solvent-based sealer, before grout and again after the grout. This sealer...
  9. JD2012

    Homark Oven seal coming off Door

    The Door seal is coming off my Homark Conventional Oven. I think its the brown 01-711000 A Model. The seal looks ok its just the glue that holds it on that has worn with the years. Any idea what i could glue it back on with? Would Thermal Paste for a PC work for example? Thanks :)
  10. H

    Re-sealing a kitchen sink: what to use?

    I have a new steel kitchen sink in a new laminate worktop, two months old and the sealing strip around it is coming away already. I want to get something to patch the gaps in the sealing strip as it progressively comes away - what though? The worktop is black, the sink stainless steel, and the...
  11. N

    Replacing seal around steel garage door frame

    Apologies for the long post... I gather that using expanding foam to fill the gap between the frame and the masonry, then caulking with silicone, is the way to go. I'm wary of putting in too much foam, in case it expands to the point of separating the frame further from the masonry. Does...
  12. agulesin

    Under-door brush seal - where can I buy?

    Dear All, Our porch door threshold has a slot on the top surface towards the inside which I assume is for some kind of sealing strip. The slot is 5mm wide x 15mm deep. Googling brought up these sealing strips from Australia but I want to know whether something like the DS-13 strip is available...
  13. dilalio

    Dealing with damp garden wall?

    I could do with some advice on how to deal with my side of a garden wall that I've twice attempted to improve, decorwise! It's 7-8m long and approx 2m high with expansion gap half way along; 9" thick with a course of engineering soldiers along the top. In the past, I have rendered it and this...