self leveling

  1. E

    Self Levelling Compound ok to lay?

    Hi, I laid Mapei self levelling compound in my kitchen and hall Wednesday morning but it still seems like areas are still damp/ not fully dry. They are hard to touch and feel the same as the other areas but are of a darker colour. They also don’t seem to be improving with a fan/heat. Reckon...
  2. N

    What length of time should I leave my concrete

    Hi all! I've recently ripped up the slabs in my open fronted porch. I've put down a dpm and laid my concrete at 100mm. I'm in need of applying self leveler ready for the tiles which isn't a problem being a tiler I've done this many times however never laid concrete and I'm unsure of the curing...
  3. janieJones123

    Found dip in subfloor after installing engineered flooring

    I have just finished installing a new floating, click together, engineered wooden floor in my first floor bedroom. I had been pretty diligent to prepare the room before hand, remove any raised nails, splats of plaster etc, and check for any dips in the subfloor. I didn't notice any. The...
  4. S

    Tiling & Repairing low spots before self levelling

    I’m about to tile a very small Wc flow (1.3x0.8m). Subfloor is solid concrete and is by and large quite level. In any case I plan to pour a dose of self levelling compound over the area Just to give a perfect base for tiling. I have two questions 1) what’s best way to repair deeper localised...
  5. JamesGibs0

    Floating Screed, cracks and movement

    We have had an extension and wet UFH installed across the whole ground floor (new and old). UFH in the new extension is clipped on top of celotex. UFH in the existing is embedded in an insulation board. - about 45m2 in total We've had a floating screed installed (Longfloor CT-25/F5) and 3...
  6. P

    Self Leveling over caberdeck/chipboard flooring

    Had bi folding doors installed earlier in year, pre COVID. We lifted the inside floor by installing a DPM, sandblinded to level, overlayed 100mm insulation then covered with 22mm caberdeck flooring. As the DPM covered the bottom of the door I didn't take a lot of notice as we installed the floor...
  7. robodelfy

    Flooring job nightmare, am I crazy?

    I posted a bit about this recently but it got worse. Just looking for opinions I got a quote for laying Karndean in my kitchen and bathroom. I went around with a 1m straight edge and found 10/12mm dips in the kitchen, the guy said some latex levelling compound would sort it out. I also asked...
  8. P

    How to install floor insulation

    We are converting our garage into a living space, the floor construction is DPC, 2inch insulation and 10inch slab. We need to make up the floor level by 160mm. We are told we can just skim over with self-leveling as the floor isn't that bad, directly lay 120mm Kingspan, then lay directly ontop...
  9. S

    Self levelled concrete floor gone mouldy

    I would like some advice about mould coming through a newly laid laminate flooring. The house was built in the 1920s. We have undertaken some major renovation. Taking each room back to the brick. The dining room floor had a laminate laid which we lifted. The floor underneath was concrete with...
  10. B

    Hairline cracks appeared in new self leveling

    Hi, 4 days after applying stopgap 300 slc to floor long hairline cracks appeared. Is this usual. Mix was correct and cracks are not related to trowling or batches. Levels/ depth vary from 3 mm to 10 mm Any ideas or is this usual. Thanks