shower arm

  1. J

    Replacing shower head

    Hello! I'd like to replacer my shower head, but I can't find a head with the right fitment on the internet, is this a common connector? See attached picture. Thanks in advance! James
  2. A

    Help fitting a concealed shower head please

    Hey! I am trying to finish off fitting this shower head but unfortunately seem to have run into issues accessing the thread. I’ve attached a couple photos of the issue. Would anyone know what would be required here? There’s tile then plasterboard, a cavity then where i have good access theres...
  3. P

    Problem with replacing shower arm

    Hi All, I'm looking for some advice on replacing a shower arm that I discovered ended on 15mm copper pipe. I was expecting some kind of compression adapter that I could just screw into but its just bare copper pipe as shown below. The end of the pipe sits just below the tile level and looks...
  4. Jmx1988

    Shower Outlets

    I’ve used a couple of 90 degree wall plate elbows to fit a shower arm and hand shower into. My question is the shower arm needs backing off about 1/4 turn and the hand shower needs backing off 3/4 of a turn. Now I’m going to use loctite 55 but also wondered if it’s worth using some kind of fibre...
  5. M

    Fixed shower bar connector?

    Hi there, I feel like a real novice here. I'm trying to fit a fixed shower bar, attached to a thin wall. The pipework will be on the other side of the wall. I was looking at the normal wall-plate elbow, but they are designed to be screwed into a wall chasing. With the pipes travelling through...
  6. D

    Confusing shower

    Hi, first time poster so sorry if this is in the wrong place. I am a tenant of a rented property and don't want to bug my landlord/ pay for a Plummer to fix this. The shower head fitting on my fixed shower arm (think changing room type shower) snapped while I was adjusting the ball head in the...