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    Shower Alcove Stud adjustment

    I am preparing a small alcove for a 4 piece Lyons prefab standing showe 32×32 the back wall has some molded in shelving that require the shower studs to have a 20" gap and mine are 16" on center. The stud I need to move appears to have a ceiling or attic joist attached to it. (See pictures) How...
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    Shower tray subfloor. replace chipboard with plywood or overboard?

    I'm looking to install a Mira Flight Low Quadrant Shower Tray 800mm x 800mm x 40mm. My bathroom currently has 20/22mm chipboard flooring. I'm looking to fit the shower tray and tile the remainder of the floor. My plan is to overboard the chipboard flooring with either 6mm No more ply/ Hardie...
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    Shower Pan with Cement Fibre Board

    Hi all, I fitted a shower into my bathroom when I renovated it just over a year ago and due to where the drain pipe from the shower tray is I've had to buy a raised shower tray but have found that it's cracked and looking at the reviews (ironically AFTER the warranty ran out) I see loads of...
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    Convert downstairs bathroom back to utility?

    Hi all I am wanting to convert our downstairs bathroom (previous owners had council conversion due to immobility) back to a utility room. It has a kind of wet room floor and a large double shower tray that was in a walk in shower. The shower has been removed and for a quick fix we had our...
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    Cracked tile, removing shower base

    Amazing how the prospect of moving house gives focus to lots of little jobs that I had somehow been avoiding... :rolleyes: She Who Must Be Obeyed has pointed out that it would be nice not to have a blatant crack in a floor tile when showing people round (and the grouting is crumbling too), but...
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    Shower tray seal before fitting

    Will be installing a new quadrant shower tray and bath soon. Thought I would add an edge seal to the tray and bath before installing and tiling. After a bit of research I found this product Seems perfect for the job but not found any first hand comments about it other...
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    Tile Adhesive for Shower Base?

    Hello,I owuld appreciate some advice on using tile adhesive for a shower base. The base is to go onto a raised platform of which the top level is backer board (see photo). I've tried using a standard mortar but have had a bit of a mare, so the base had to come up again. One tradesman suggested...
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    Bricks for Shower Base Support?

    New to this, so please excuse if this is a obvious question. I have a ceramic shower base that I need to put into a very tight space that is closed on three sides. The base is to replace a base that was put over a cemented in heated floor. I have been told putting a shower over a heated floor...