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    Siemens Fridge Door now won't shut?

    Have an internal built in Fridge from Siemens and now the hinge / bracket seems to have gone at the bottom and I can't shut the door? It resists on closing and pings open about 3 inches with some resistance when it closes? My wife said that a small curly piece of metal shot out the other day...
  2. K

    Siemens American fridge freezer problem

    I have a Siemens American style fridge freezer code KA62DP90GB that suddenly stopped freezing. The fridge, ice generation and water all work fine. It's five years and six months old and therefore six months out of warranty. It broke on the 18th of Dec so I called the Siemens customer services...
  3. Y

    Siemens dishwasher won't start / odd behaviour / leaks

    E-Nr: SN65M030GB/16 FD8910 When I started our integrated dishwasher earlier this evening, it appeared to start as normal (red light on, pointing down at the floor) and made a few of it's usual noises for maybe a minute, then bleeped and the red light started flashing - like it normally does...