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    Masthead Amplifier testing

    Hopefully someone is able to help. I have brought a house and the previous owner used Virgin for his TV. I am not subscribed to any services so want to use Freeview. There is already a loft antenna with the following step: Antenna > Masthead Amplifier > Split to two TV outlets. The TV is...
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    Does a TV aerial have to go on the roof ?

    Hi, I have lost TV signal in my ground floor flat, after the high winds recently. I have tried portable amplified aerials. It have struggled to get a decent picture previously. Its a 3 storey building, I don't want to go up to high. I wonder if I put a new aerial in the side of the house 2...
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    New aerial type?

    I lost the signal from my 30yr old aerial, it was pointed straight at a booster station a few km off. I turned the tv on to see what gives whilst I tinker with the aerial; when I disconnected the coax from the aerial the visual/audio returned? But the signal vanished when I reconnected to the...
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    IDEAL ICOS HE18 - not responding

    My Honeywell room thermostat is wall mounted and wireless and on occasion if I wish to over-ride or boost the central heating outside of the normal settings the signal doesn't always seem to be picked up by the boiler. Is the 'receiver' within the boiler? Neither I nor my plumber or electrician...