sink waste

  1. C

    Sink waste help for a big old armitage shanks porcelain sink

    We're currently in the process of renovating our kitchen and my wife found a big old sink on Facebook marketplace that she wants installing but I am having a difficult time finding a waste and trap that will fit it. All the wastes I have seen are designed to go straight down through a vertical...
  2. Derekbirmingham

    Sink unit waste help

    Hello you great people. Ive just fitted and had a plumber plumb for an argos sink unit in a back bedroom for me brother to live. Anyway i put the sink together and tap and simply connected them to the pipes the plumber plumbed in last week. Anyway im trying to work out the waste pipe...
  3. T

    Kitchen sink: Bottle trap or P/S trap?

    in the process of fitting new plumbing for the kitchen waste. I read quite some opinions online of people who wouldn't fit bottle traps under a kitchen sink, but rather P trap or S trap. They claimed it fills up with gunk very quickly. I am not one of those people that uses a sink as an...
  4. E

    Blocked Double / 1&1/2 sink water trap

    Hi all! I've recently moved and the home I moved into has a kitchen sink with a 1&1/2 bowl kitchen sink. I have a 1&1/2 kitchen sink bowl. The 1/2 sink waste is completely blocked and doesn't drain at all. The full sink bowl runs with no problem whatsoever. I've removed all the pipes from...
  5. A

    Sink Waste (1 & Half)

    Hi everyone, I am struggling to find a waste that is similar to the current one I have. As you can see main bowl is quite standard but the small half sink is hard to find. Any ideas? I have a Wickes and Screwfix close by. Andy
  6. K

    Help connecting 40mm anti-syphon p trap to 40mm sink waste?

    I've just got a 40mm anti syphon p trap to replace a normal sink u-bend (to fix gurgling sink issues). The upright part that should connect to the sink waste is 40mm, but as the sink waste is also 40mm there's no way for them to slot together. At the other end, the p trap is large enough to...