1. D

    Alternative suggestions to composite cladding, where walls won't be seen

    Hi all. I'm planning a garden room/office which will be situated towards the corner of the outdoor space. It's a SIPs build with HouseWrap and battens as you'd expect. The front and right side elevations will be visible and clad with composite interlocked cladding, but the left and back won't be...
  2. J

    EWI on to SIPS

    Hi all, Looking for some assistance on wall build up for a SIPS systrem (I am using the Kingspan TEK system if that helps). The outside of the SIPS panel have been wrapped with a breather membrance and are then to be clad with 50mm rockwool, which will then be rendered using something like EWI...
  3. A

    Garden Outbuilding - building regs?

    I'm considering building a garden room / outbuilding down the bottom of the garden. I'm no builder but I'm toying with the idea of using a SIPs garden room kit as an insulated brick one is expensive. I've seen 6m x 3m design from supersips that we like, it's going to be located within 1m of the...
  4. Dicky mint

    sip compared to traditional building

    Hi all Best route for quotation and costs for a complete ground first floor side extension including gable end roof sips or traditional Thank all
  5. fatmcgav

    Garden Office SIPS build

    So the time has come to finally start my Garden Office build project. I've posted some info here -, but the TL;DR is that I'm building a 4.27m x 4.27m garden office using SIPS panels at the bottom of my garden. As this is...
  6. fatmcgav

    Garden Office project

    Hey all... I'm in the process of designing a new garden office to replace an existing T&G Log cabin that's had it's time... The office footprint is going to be 4.8m wide x 4.2m deep, and will come in under the 2.5m height for permitted development. I'm intending to add a small kitchenette...
  7. P

    Garden Office on old Asbestos Garage Slab

    I'm getting my old asbestos timber garage removed and hoping to erect a garden room in it's place, bit of a half DIY job to avoid getting ripped off, however I don't know if the base is good enough for a more comprehensive building, here's some pics of it inside and out. I've already settled...
  8. NoniMK

    Using SIPs need advice on roof (moved from Projects)

    building a 12x8 shed using SIPs and now I need advice on the pitch of a pent roof for it please
  9. A

    Garden Room At End Of Garden

    Hello, Im just drawing up a garden room, 5m x 5m. but with 3.5m x 5m insulated plastered room. The other a storage. Im looking at SIPS, has anyone done this in the south east, Portsmouth area. With any tips? or recommendations.