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    En-suite Skim - SBR preferable to PVA?

    I will soon be skimming the ceiling of my en-suite and spotted a few comments about using SBR instead of PVA prior to the skim. Previously i've only ever used PVA, but then again i've never skimmed an area that is affected by humidity. I have both products in the garage and so is SBR the better...
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    Help please! Removed drywall paper, to skim coat or use lining paper?

    Hi all, I am a novice DIYer and I would appreciate any help. I attempted to remove very old painted wallpaper which seems to have also removed the (brown) drywall paper with it. Leaving the the exposed gypsum (good condition). How do I go about in fixing this? I was thinking of removing any...
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    Plaster finish touch up help

    Hi guys, so I tried my hand at skim coating with gyproc skim Coat (Ireland’s equivalent to thistle multi finish I believe). Large sections are pretty decent. While I’m sure there’s been worse first attempts than this one I do have blemishes and some scruffy spots that I failed to recognise...
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    Gyproc skim coat over joint compound?

    Someone told me that you can’t actually use the gyproc Skimcoat stuff over top of the gyproc joint compound (multipurpose) because it’s sort of incompatible, something about the skimcoat being a veneer plaster and putting over joint compound is wrong. He said skim the whole surface with joint...