Advice needed: how to level an archway under stairs

    Hi community Does anyone know how you can level a ceiling render which has a slight slope so that a door can fit nicely. I've attached a photo for reference. Research suggests using hard foam board. Scrubbing the slope... Cutting and gluing it on. Not sure if anyone here has better advice
  2. G

    Rock Garden on a Steep Slope

    Hello, we have an existing overgrown rock garden at the front of our property. It's a small steep sloped garden with some large rocks in and weeds coming through everywhere between the rocks and evergreen bushes. Our thoughts were to: - uproot the weeds and anything else we didn't want - cut...
  3. R

    Advice on attaching deck frame on sloped wall

    I need to attached my ground level timber frame for decking to a sloped wall. How would i do this without making contact and the timber rotting from the rain? any help would be appreciated
  4. Dan Rowland

    Gravel driveway on a slope...

    Hello everyone, I hope you don't mind me asking for some advice :) I have a gravel driveway with a 4x3m sloped bit, on which currently there is no gravel. I want to extend the gravel to this area, and plan to use some Floplast Ground Grab Tiles from Screwfix. At the moment, the sloped area is...
  5. M

    How do I slope this tiled shower floor ?

    Hi guys, 8 years ago had an inexperienced friend of a friend who tiles my bathroom flooring in an attempt to fix the shower floor, the water sadly would slope outwards into the stair landing area, it is a wet room. Problem is I would like to remove these tiles, but re-concrete the floor with...
  6. V

    Sloped roof - insulation?

    Hi all - A quick one hopefully. Our house has a sloped ceiling / roof [just the edges]. Previous owner had rolled up some base layer insulation and stuffed it down the sloped edges of the roof which I have now managed to remove [long winded i tell you!!]. My question is - any ideas how I...
  7. J

    Sloping lounge/dining room floor

    Afternoon all, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated welcomed. We live in a 1930's semi detached. Upstairs floor/bedrooms above the lounge appear to be level, however the lounge is sloping towards the other semi attached to the side of the house. The sloping begins half way across...