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    Smart meter problem

    Hi, I am trying to get a new electric smart meter fitted but, after 6 months, am getting nowhere. Wondered if any of you have had similar issues and/or suggestions I may not have considered. To briefly outline the problem: I have an old SMETS1 meter which used to work but has now gone “dumb”. I...
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    Smart meters - who knew?

    I’m with British Gas for gas & electric. For months they pestered me to get a smart meter and eventually I gave in. That was 4 years ago. now the “in-home device” (the thing you monitor in your living room or wherever) has stopped working. I contacted BG and to my surprise was told “tough”...
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    Smart Meter Installers ID-ing Gas Appliances

    Afternoon all, After a quick bit of advice deciding whether to complain to British Gas or not. My grandmother had a visit from on of BG's smart meter 'experts' for her install. The installer noticed a grubby mark on the wall next to the boiler and categorised it as a sign of spillage told my...
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    Who actually turns off a Smart Meter

    Hi guys, as the title says...Who Actually Turns Off a Smart daughter just switched energy suppliers and the new supplier does not use Smart Meters we know it will/should be turned off....BUT who actually turns it off .....the Old Utility Company or my daughter ? Cheers anyone...
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    Npower smart meters

    So I have been told I am getting a smart gas meter from Npower - is this a 6m3/hour maximum flow rate meter? Thanks M.