smoke alarm

  1. T

    Replacement for FireX smoke alarms

    Hi. In the house my wife and I recently bought there are 2 smoke alarms that are not working and are both well past the expiry date on them. They're a discontinued model FireX 120-950E. I've attached a photo so the connector can be seen. Does anyone know of a direct replacement where I wouldn't...
  2. U

    Confused about rules for fitting new smoke alarms?

    Hi all, I'm a DIY'er and I'm planning on doing the electrics in our new extension myself and then get them signed off. Because of this I've been familiarising myself with the BS7671 regs before starting the work (starting in just over a weeks time when the screed is dry). One thing that has...
  3. C

    Building reg - interlinked Smoke Detector

    I’ve just built a double storey extension to the side of the house. I installed a Kidde dual smoke + Carbon mono alarm, one upstairs and one downstairs. Now I’ve 4 bed house (and its not being rented). I had the pleasure of building reg inspector doing the final visit and after calling his...
  4. R

    Too Many Wires in Smoke Alarm

    I moved into a house where the smoke alarms were knackered (ground floor was both disconnected and expired, and the first floor was missing completely), so I bought two Aico Ei141RC alarms. The first floor fitting had the normal number of wires (L, N, E, IC) and took five minutes to fit. I then...
  5. M

    Galaxy 2-20, removed smoke alarms and killed my keypad

    I was replacing two smoke alarms to something more modern, not realizing that they were part of the Galaxy alarm setup. When I cut the smoke alarm wires the Galaxy keypad went dead. I've checked the three fuses in the Galaxy enclosure and they look okay to me. The logic board is powered...
  6. bettz1

    Aico ei141rc smoke alarm replacement needed

    Just been woke up by the damn smoke alarm beeping every 40 secs,Dog going crazy same as the mrs. I don't know who designed this alarm but trying to get the top off is impossible the instructions make it sound so easy insert screwdriver into slot and push the same way as the arrow only it...
  7. R

    Looking for smoke alarm with 120mm+ diameter base

    Moved into a property that has a papered hallway and landing ceiling. Stuck to the papered ceiling are two old smoke detector bases - measuring 120mm diameter. I've tried to remove a base but gave up as its clear it will result in some/all of the paper being damaged/removed. Plan B is to try...
  8. Z

    Fire Door Location

    2 Storey house. 2 Beds on the first floor and 1 on the ground floor. Do all habitable rooms need to have fire doors, or just the door at the bottom of the stairwell/staircase? Have mains interlinked smoke alarms on hall of each floor and kitchen.
  9. K

    Smoke alarm siting - 300mm "lighting"?

    Hi, I have a ceiling light that has a wide "bar" to hold 4 GU10 bulbs, two either side of the ceiling rose, the total width of the light feature is about 1m. Keeping in mind the 300mm minimum distance of a smoke alarm from a light, does this mean the smoke alarm CANNOT be sited <300mm from...