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    Building over a soak away

    Interested to know your recommendations on the following scenario: I have planning permission to build an oak frame garage which will be built on a brick plinth which would go onto a strip foundations. Garage dimensions: 7m x 5.5m ridge height: 4.3m I’ve just been figuring out where existing...
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    Downpipe not going to soakaway

    Hello all. I recently had a roofer come out to look at my leaking guttering. When he came he showed me the downpipe was full of water and some moss etc. He kindly cleared it out for me but had told me that the downpipe just discharges to just under the blocks on my block paving. He showed me...
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    Downpipe to nowhere - soakaway?

    We recently moved into an old terraced house (c. 1895) with a small front yard. We've just pruned back a large rosebush to find that the guttering downpipe has rusted away and separated from the section that goes underground. I had actually noticed a bit of rainwater getting in to the crawlspace...
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    Do we really need a soak away??

    we're having a new combo boiler fitted (a Worcester Bosch CDI) into our garage (boiler was previously in the kitchen). The boiler engineer has said we'll need a soak away fitted into the drive (tarmac sloped drive) to take the boiler condensate... Yet I've been onto a number of drains &...
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    Soakaway Nightmare, Clay Soil

    Hi All, I'm looking for some advice, if there is any that can be given :( I'm in the midst of planning a large extension, and the last part of the building warrant requirement if the approval of a rainwater soakaway design. the roof is 180m2 We had a failed percolation test (the water didnt...
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    Wall foundations over disused soakaway

    Some advice please – I planning a single skin brick/block garage [building regs approval not required], one side will be <1m from my neighbor's garage and above a disused rubble soak-away [clearly 5m rule didn't exist when that was dug out]. What is the minimum work necessary to achieve...