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    AEG Fridge Freezer side by side

    Any ideas how we can separate our Fridge from Freezer? The model is an AEG 75578 and we cannot see how to remove the top front AEG cover which may conceal the top front fixing / joining bracket
  2. C

    2stroke Hedge trimmer: got spark, replaced carb, no start

    Hi, Would anyone have any tips on what might be the cause of the following problem? Any tips are appreciated I have a McCulloch SuperLite 4528 (aka McCulloch Ergolite 6028) 2stroke hedge trimmer - It has a spark - When I spray fuel in the carburetor, it starts fine (then it dies. Sometimes...
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    Greenstar 28i Junior mk V - Hot water issue

    Hi In central heating the boiler is absolutely fine. When we run any hot water tap you hear a whining sound from the boiler much like water running through or past a blockage. As you increase the flow on the tap it starts to cause a vibration in a pipe, I assume, which sounds like a drum...
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    How to remove handles on sliding patio doors

    Hi, The handles on both sides on my patio doors are starting to come loose. Just a slight wobble at this stage, but with heavy door it will only get worse. I'm fairly sure they just connect with a bolt to the inside of the plate, but I can't get the whole assembly off the door to tighten them...
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    Texecom tamper fault

    Evening all, I got home today to discover a tamper fault on my Texecom. I tried doing the latching walk test and it came up with a '......B......' on the LCD display. Not really sure what this means from the manual but anyway I progressed and opened up the panel. Below is the inside of the...