stair cracks

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    I need help fixing squeaky stairs, might need to reinstall them

    I got a house and the stairs from 1st floor to the loft are really squeaky and not very sturdy looking. There is no carpet on it yet and I wanted to fix them or make them stronger before getting the carpet I try to open one of the vertical panels by removing the screws as I was removing I heard...
  2. R

    In what order to repaint/fill this stringer

    So I have a stringer that was all cracked and had a huge smear of dirty cailk down it. I cleared the caulk off and scraped out the gap, and filled the void with expanding foam so the plasterboard isn’t flexing any more. I was going to easifill the gap and then paint the stringer, but I’m not...
  3. B

    Are these cracks in external wall anything to worry about?

    1950s terraced house, ex-local authority, generally solid as a rock I noticed some cracks today, might have been there forever, I never looked for them. The first picture is under the front downstairs window, right in the middle (horizontally and vertically), so on the oposite side of the...
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    Stair Cracks

    Hello all, I'm hoping someone can suggest solutions to a problem on our stairs where cracks continue to reappear. It's a townhouse built in the 70s and painted by professionals about 18 months ago from top to bottom (they did a brilliant job), but I can't seem to solve these cracks! Having...