stone wall

  1. P

    Footing for a small stone wall

    I’m currently redoing my patio. Current patio is slightly raised and appears to be made from just crazy paving laid on mud and sand. To begin with I’ve dug a small trench to erect a small stone wall along one edge where the patio boundary was basically non-existent. This wall will only be a...
  2. B

    Repairing random rubble wall after chimney breast removal

    I have recently removed loads of chimney breast from the ground and first floor in my property. On the first floor and in the loft, the breast wasn't tied into the party wall so it was very easy to remove. Downstairs the breast was tied in to the random rubble wall and removing it was a...
  3. S

    Stone Wall Repair

    Hi I am looking to repair the stone wall at the front of a terrace house. A few of the stone bricks are damaged and need replacement. I either need to get hold of a replacement stone brick or stone cladding Anyone know where I can purchase bricks like these in the photos. They have a rounded...
  4. M

    Replacing timber lintels in rubble-filled stone wall

    I need to replace a pair of lintels holding up an old stone/rubble wall above a doorway in a ~1890 (?) house. The lintels are timber and have spent many years encased in cement tanking (inside and out) and have become very damp. You can visibly see signs of wet rot; the timber you can touch is...
  5. S

    Removing mortar

    I've got a stone wall 2.5ft high and 4m long to pull down and rebuild but I need to work with the existing chunks. They are 50mm concrete slabs broken up. Is there a quick way to remove the old mortar than using hammer and chisel? Reason I can't use fresh pieces are due to location. Garden...
  6. F

    7x1m external render... £2k..?

    Stone build house, external render 7x1m between flat-roof and main roof, replace guttering and fascia. Will need hacking off but this shouldn't be difficult as half of it could be kicked off... Easy access through house as straight through from front-door to back-door, no tip-toeing needed as...
  7. S

    Vertical damp

    Hello. Our Victorian terrace house is built with the garden wall continuing as the party wall for the property. Water is sucked into the interior of the house as it was built without any vertical break or damp proof course, it’s just one long wall. I removed the concrete render from the interior...
  8. V

    Openings in a old stone stable

    Hello, I am transforming a really old stone stable in Ticino (Switzerland). Since the ground floor was used for animal storage (mostly goats), it has no windows, and for the transformation I need some openings to get some light and air in. I am aware of the method of chiseling out stones from...
  9. S

    Opening up a fireplace from gas fire to wood stove, old stone house - Builders opening

    Hi I am replacing a gas fire with a wood stove and after much research and looking at many forum posts seek advice as I'm not sure what exactly is going on with my situation. The house is stone built 1904, the chimney is on a gable end, rubble style finish externally. Internally it is lath and...
  10. S

    Stone wall cavity closer

    Hi, I would like a view on how best to close the cavities around window and door openings. The wall is 7N blockwork on the internal leaf and rough stone on the outer, which results in a very undulating cavity size. I have 80mm tongue and groove insulation in a 150mm cavity. The stone is at...
  11. cajsoft

    stone cottage.. water ingress around window

    Hi, I have an old farm house cottage that's got a few water ingress issues since winter. it first manifested as some blistering on the paint work of the window sill. it's steadily gotten worse and recently I have removed the internal window sill to try and identify the issue. Unfortunately...
  12. T

    What to do with these crumbly Stone (Blue Lias) walls?

    I'm currently looking at a first (top) floor flat which although leasehold I'll be responsible for the 1st floor external walls. The entire property has been ribbon pointed with cement at some point which has made the stone work worse, the ground floor section of walls look in reasonably good...
  13. D

    Plaster over eyesore stone built wall

    I have this 1sr floor lounge wall that, although soldly built, is a bit of an eyesore.I would like it plastered, I don't like plasterboard. Any thoughts?
  14. P

    Stone cottage and breached chimney

    I am renovating a 100 year old stone cottage in Ireland. The property has not been lived in for about 5 years so there was a big condensation/damp problem. After pulling back some of the plasterboard (within an extension connected to the 100 year part) I could see that the base of the old stone...
  15. P

    Damp stone cottage and plasterboard

    I am renovating a 100 year old stone cottage in Ireland. The property has not been lived in for about 5 years so there was a big condensation/damp problem. The roof also has its issues, but at least I know where water has been penetrating. There is a big damp smell, so doing my best to work out...
  16. R

    Water entry through stone wall

    Hello All, We've been renovating a house in France for the last 10 years, using a combination of French and English builders, and some DIY. The back wall of the house used to have a soil pipe running down it, and once removed left a gaping hole in the wall. We visited for a long weekend (back...