Stone Wall Repair

25 Jan 2019
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United Kingdom

I am looking to repair the stone wall at the front of a terrace house.

A few of the stone bricks are damaged and need replacement.

I either need to get hold of a replacement stone brick or stone cladding

Anyone know where I can purchase bricks like these in the photos. They have a rounded front and flat back


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Maybe I'll try some dry stone wall bricks or cast a concrete brick
Look in the yellow pages for a local stone masons yard, likely those will be cut from a local stone. Get your blocks cut to size, except a bit deeper than the depth of the wall. You will then need to face them with a hammer and bolster chisel, by taking the sharp front edge off - the stone supplier may be able to do this for you. Make sure you have them cut a little under size, to allow them to slide in and allow for cementing in place.
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When you get the paint off, you can see that some are stone. A few look like concrete. Maybe repairs over the years
Hundreds probably thousands of those on front gardens around here (post war estates) and they are hollow concrete.
they’re called rockfaced blocks round our way.
Yes the one that is broken (not shown) is just like that. It has a rock face on what appears to be a concrete block. The face is wider than the block behind it
In that case, could you not make a mould out of timber, open at the top, fill with a concrete mix then shape a face at the open top of it before it fully set?
Yes, I had thought of a mould, but not sure how to make the rounded front of the brick. Thats a good idea.. Thanks
Yes, I had thought of a mould, but not sure how to make the rounded front of the brick. Thats a good idea.. Thanks

As I said, let the concrete go off enough to retain its shape, then add more on top to form the rounded top, then trowel it to form a good match in the face to the existing. It's no more difficult than icing a cake. Last year I needed to make a rustic brick face on some of my bricks which had spalled, in cement. Colour didn't matter only the finished texture of the face, because they were going to be painted.
Can anyone suggest how I can point this wall.

The wall have large gaps between the bricks, but worse than that inside the gap, the gap widens. So it is hard to put mortar in, unless you are going to use a great deal of it.

Also cement or NHL for the mortar? Thanks


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