sub floor

  1. T

    Damp Sub Floor - The Saga Continues

    We live in a Victorian semi. When we moved in i immediately identified a problem with damp under our subfloor. The ground (and it is literally soil under there) is coated with a white mould and Is damp to the touch. Luckily we have between 3-5 foot of crawl space height depending on where you...
  2. C

    Insulation of exposed wooden floor FROM BELOW

    Evening all, Firstly, Happy New Year! I’m planning on insulating underneath the floor boards in my living room. 1900s terraced house so adequate crawl space to do from below, plus I don’t want to damage the floor by lifting up. From research I understand best practice is a vapour barrier...
  3. thunt

    Laminate under washing machine 'bouncy' causing knocking noise on spin.

    Washing machine makes loud knocking noise on 1400 spins (transport bolts are out and machine is level) I have 12mm laminate on 5mm foam underlay in the kitchen to which the washing machine sits. The rear of the laminate where it reaches the back wall is somewhat 'bouncy' and i believe this is...
  4. L

    Condition of sub floor timbers - help please!

    Hi everyone, Our Victorian ground floor flat has a number of walls with damp issues. We recently changed our carpets and that allowed me to pop a few of the original floorboards up to have a look at the condition of the sub floor - I’m super worried about dry rot and other sinister issues...
  5. Ubi

    Tile backing board

    Hi all, Can anyone help with question. I am laying some new insulation and electric UFH and need to minimise the floor build up. So far I am laying a layer of DPM, 50mm PIR cut to fit and then was planning on placing a 6 mm cement backed tile back board the UFH mat and then tile on that. I am...
  6. S

    Suspended floor insulation and damp proofing questions

    Hi Folks I've done lots of research into this for many months now but I'm just after some advice really on exactly what approach I should take. I am insulating my suspended wooden floor in my 1910 built house, I have gained access to the sub floor which has about 5 ft of space at its deepest...