1. M

    Is an expansion tank needed for the heating

    Hi I'm obtaining a few quotes from different local plumbers. Do I need an expansion tank for the heating if the hot water cylinder has internal expansion and does not require one ? I’m looking at having an Ideal Logic Max Heat only 24kw boiler fitted to replace my existing one and a Halo...
  2. L

    Combi boiler AND 2x water tanks??

    Hi everyone, wondering if I can get some advice We have purchased and moved into a one bed flat which had a combi boiler and central heating system installed in 2014. For some reason though, we have an airing cupboard in which there is a massive cold and hot water tank. We think the water...
  3. C

    Combi boiler fed by pump from tank

    Hi TL;DR - I want to get a combi boiler to save space but want to increase the pressure of my water by pumping water from my tank through the combi I currently have a 2bar shower pump pumping cold from my tank and hot from my cylinder to my shower. Now we're getting the house renovated, and one...
  4. V

    Maaasive expansion tank

    Hi All I have just moved into a new house in deepest west Wales. It is a recently converted old farm house. It is a modest sized house with about a dozen radiators. The plumbing is relatively quite new (about 10 years). In the corner of our utility room the is an absolutely huge pressure vessel...
  5. B

    Septic tank BC regs

    My current septic tanks leachfield has failed, my garden is tiny and we think the leachfield goes under my neighbours drive into the farmers field. The tank is a fiberglass klargester onion shaped one and has been in for over 20 years. Someone has been out and said by the time you dig a new...
  6. B

    Best solution to improving DHW

    Hi. Sorry to ask this but other posts I’ve seen don’t cover my arrangement. 5 bed detached with two main bathrooms plus utility and another WC. Have a newish 40kw combi. Incoming water pipe is 15mm and good mains water pressure internal pipe work copper with little bit of pvc from a previous...
  7. R

    Water tanks located in the middle of first floor, I'd like to remove them, what are my options?

    I'm renovating an 1880s semi-terraced 5BR house. Much of it is still original, with some rooms lacking power outlets. One thing which has been "updated" has been the installation of radiators, and a combi-boiler (located in a back stairwell on the ground floor, see photo). However, there are...
  8. E

    New tank thermostat still giving scalding water

    A little while ago, the hot water tank on my pumped heating system started producing scolding water. Doing a bit of research, it pointed to an issue with the tank thermostat. It was many years old so I bought and fitted a new one. Same problem - scolding water. I tried adjusting the...
  9. S

    Alternative to gravity fed shower

    Hi. We currently have a mains fed water tank in the loft, a vaillant thermocompact system boiler in the downstairs utility room, and a copper immersion tank on the upstairs airing cupboard. The boiler heats the hot water and stores in the copper boiler until required. The boiler also heats the...
  10. kellyllek

    Toilet tank mechanism leaking/dripping

    Hi, I can't get my friend's toilet tank to stop dripping. It seems to be dripping out of the larger blue dial left of the little white water faucet thing. It also just doesn't fully shut off. I tried adjusting the arm and the little silver screw thing but it only shuts off if I lift it; the...
  11. M

    Confusing overflow issue I've had for over 6 months

    Thank you for taking a look... Like I said I've had this issue for over 6 months now and have multiple different plumbers look and the problem and still no one knows what seems to be the issue. Firstly... I live in a 3 floor block of flats on the top floor, and have a new combi boiler...
  12. G

    Pressurised system hot water issue (Vokera)

    Hi, I have moved into a new build and have a strange problem that the builders have tried to fix for weeks, hope someone can offer a solution! The system is a Vokera Mynute boiler with pressurised hot water tank and 2 heating zones. The hot water tank also has a solar thermal coil installed...
  13. D

    Hot water tank noise when being filled.

    Hey guys, Complete novice here but our hot water tank makes the following noise when turned on via the timer.....any ideas what it is, what needs to be done to remedy? It can be quite loud and happens on and off. Thank you in advance Ben