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Septic tank BC regs

Discussion in 'Plumbing and Central Heating' started by bri70123, 6 May 2021.

  1. bri70123


    25 Mar 2013
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    Newcastle upon Tyne
    United Kingdom
    My current septic tanks leachfield has failed, my garden is tiny and we think the leachfield goes under my neighbours drive into the farmers field. The tank is a fiberglass klargester onion shaped one and has been in for over 20 years.

    Someone has been out and said by the time you dig a new leachfield / fix the current one, get permission from neighbour & farmer etc it would be cheaper to replace it all with a STP. but, the only building reg i can get a tick on is that the STP is situated 10m from a building. He said i could put a 15m trench down one side to act as the soakaway, would BC allow this? The soil is made up mainly of topsoil over 2m of coal dross (1820 build) then clay... The other option is a ditch directly opposite the house, which means going under the farmers track, assuming he lets me, but this ditch is mostly for excess rain and doesn't have 365 flowing water, so is that not allowed?

    Originally when we moved in, the person who built the extensions directed all the rainwater into the tank, so when it rained heavy the lid would blow off :eek:, all rain now goes to new soakaways, and there were several trees planted right next to the septic tank, all removed, but i think its too late the damage is done.

    Ive attached a pic if anyone can help...

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