1. N

    Best way to the Drains & pipework - help needed

    Hi All, I am planning to do drains & pipework. please see the image below: Is that okay? is building control going to approve? I have read somewhere that every underground joint need an inspection chamber, is that correct?
  2. L

    Waste pipe flowing wrong direction?

    Hi guys, So I’m desperately after some advice! Since moving into our house a few years ago the sewer pipes always get blocked. We’ve had professionals clean them but they still clog up after a few months. What I believe to be happening is my waste pipes are not on a steep enough gradient and/or...
  3. B

    Septic tank BC regs

    My current septic tanks leachfield has failed, my garden is tiny and we think the leachfield goes under my neighbours drive into the farmers field. The tank is a fiberglass klargester onion shaped one and has been in for over 20 years. Someone has been out and said by the time you dig a new...
  4. bananapunk

    Saniflo discharge

    Hey guys, I’m installing a saniflo macerating toilet, but having trouble finding a good spot to discharge the 22mm pipe to. option 1- discharge right into where my current WC goes. The problem is i dont have access to neighbour underneath my house, so I would have to raise the WC or somehow...
  5. N

    Sewage smell in kitchen

    Hi I have sewage smell in our kitchen and just wanted some advice please background new kitchen fitted in July 2019. All new units. Old sink was a right hand drainer - new sink is a left hand drainer. So I think the external pipe was moved to accommodate. no blockages in sink or toilet...
  6. Y

    Connecting loo to sewer and AAV

    We have removed a macerater from our ds loo and will be connecting with the inspection chamber in the garden. The setup currently looks like this. Pictures attached. I have notified BC but I haven’t been able to speak to anyone with it being Easter. The air admittance valve on the white pipe...
  7. M

    Unblock external gully drain (Possible solution) Opinions and advice please.

    Hi Guys, The outdoor garden drain is blocked quite severely with years of fat, oils, grease build etc.. Most likely from the previous owner of the home, with the addition to my own. The problem started as I noticed my kitchen sink was not allowing water to drain and was coming back up. I...
  8. A

    New soil pipe into existing sewer system

    Hi, I would very much appreciate you input on my project. Project: I am building a side extension which incorporates a new WC. My build will go over existing sewer pipes and manholes. Status: I have planning council permission and now I wish to obtain Thames Water Build Over permission...
  9. S

    Drainage field (soakaway) question

    New to the forums so hello. I hoped someone in the know could please help me with what is probably a simple question. I'm working out how much space I need for the drainage field of a new build and wondered what constitutes the drainage field area. Part H helps you work out the area needed but...