tanking slurry

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    Damp proofing help! Tanking slurry and vapour barrier?

    Hello, I am converting the garden brick shed into a garden office and music room. It is built from brick walls with a concrete floor. I’m planning to building a stud wall and insulate with mineral wool (rockwool). the brick wall is essentially the garden wall, where they have popped a...
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    Slurry and Plastering Concrete Interior wall?

    Hi, i’m attempting to re-plaster my kitchen and need some advice on the steps to do so. Currently the kitchen walls are a bit of a state, it used to have wall paper on however this was taken off many years ago. Now what is left on the walls is paint and (what i’m guessing is plaster) which is...
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    Builder does not understand waterproofing the basement

    Hi all, I'm back for a bit of advice please. We got a builder in to waterproof our basement and have got a real mess on our hands. A bit of a long story.. We have a narrow Victorian basement that is pretty damp that we wanted converting into a dry utility room. We got some surveys and quotes...
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    Repointing before tanking slurry

    Hi got Concrete blockwork below ground around 70cm deep Supporting a timber outbuilding I’m making in the garden. It’s letting water in, external stuff is not working, my french drain is pants, dpm has clearly failed. With neighbours garden walls so close and timber structure already built...
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    Standard / moisture / vapour plasterboard on single skin wall

    Hello All, I've gone round and round in circles on this and would appreciate some input please.... Last autumn a workshop was built at the back of my garden, it was built on a concrete slab and constructed of med-density concrete blocks (single skin) with a OSB roof covered EPDM. Last winter...
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    Tanking slurry

    I fear this may cause a bit of eye rolling, but my questions is...if using tanking slurry on a damp concrete floor, does it have to meet the edge of the wall? I ask because the I'm loathed to remove the fitted kitchen, and the area under the cupboards is dry. I know the key word is 'tanking', as...