4 Jul 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi, i’m attempting to re-plaster my kitchen and need some advice on the steps to do so. Currently the kitchen walls are a bit of a state, it used to have wall paper on however this was taken off many years ago. Now what is left on the walls is paint and (what i’m guessing is plaster) which is completely falling off the walls all cracked and coming off. So from my research I think what needs to happen is this:
1. Scrape all the old paint and old plaster off the walls leaving just the bare concrete behind (it’s a concrete wall not a brick wall that I can see beneath the old plaster)
2. Make a slurry out of cement and water and apply using a brush directly to the concrete and wait to dry
3. Mix PVA with water and apply over the dried slurry
4. Mix Multi-finish plaster with water and apply to walls smoothly using a hawk and plastering trowel, wait to dry then repeat for a second coat
5. Wait to dry for a week then paint walls

Im probably missing some steps so any advice on how to do it, tools needed, tips, time in between steps ect or good materials to use, are welcome, do I need a base coat or is the slurry and PVA a base coat?

The current state of the kitchen is very poor and so anything i do will most likely be a drastic improvement. I’m going to do this myself and don’t want to get a professional in so please no advice saying I need one!

I’ve done big paint jobs before and have DIY experience but no experience in plastering btw

Thankyou so much in advance! Any advice or anything relevant so welcome!!
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I'm afraid no specific advice from me, but (especially if you intend to plaster more than just the kitchen), I would really recommend doing a short DIY plastering course.
Plastering is a funny thing - with some effort you can get a passable result as a DIY'er, but to get a truly professional result requires a lot of practice.
I did a course with the 'DIY school' and it was really enjoyable. It cost a bit, but in the long run, has probably saved me a little; the real benefit for me, has been gaining confidence and satisfaction from completing the job myself.
Good luck! :)

...and posting some pics may help us visualise what you are up against! :)
Hi RandomGrinch,

A DIY plastering course is a good idea thankyou i’ll look into it! I’m attempting to get a passable job done, it doesn't have to be the best you’ve ever seen but I don’t want to complete it only to realise afterwards i've missed a crucial step!
As you said satisfaction of completing the job myself will be so good, off to look into some plastering courses now :)

Any other advice on the process very welcome!
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How old is the house? Is this a basement?

You don't mean concrete blocks, do you?

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