1. C

    Cold lay tarmac still soft after 4 months

    So I filled a hole in my drive with cold lay macadam / tarmac that I got from wickes (I prepped properly with aggregate underneath). I used about 7 bags of the stuff as it was a fairy wide hole, I put down around 2 inches of tarmac in depth. 4 months later and the stuff is still soft. I read...
  2. J

    Improve driveway concrete slab without spending a fortune. Any tips welcomed

    Got my driveway which is in concrete at moment with a lot of cut due of work and repair been done during the years. I was thinking to resin bond but quote are sky high and don`t have money for it. I was wondering if there is a cheap way to improve the look with some think paintable product or...
  3. toppotter

    New tarmac, any advice how to remove these stains?

    Hi, we had new tarmac and new kerbstones laid October 2019. Last year we noticed staining both brown and whitish spreading from the kerbstones but assumed it would wash away with rain. The staining has got progressively worse and we have tried to wash and brush it off with water and washing up...
  4. A

    Tarmac to Garage Slab Finishing

    Hello, I have a new build property with detached garage and tarmac drive (slopes down and away from garage door). I am looking at improving the finish of the tarmac to the slab on the garage. In short, the detached garage has a concrete slab which finishes inline with the brickwork. However...
  5. D

    prime/seal cut tarmac edge before laying cold tarmac repair?

    Would a bituminous roofing felt adhesive be suitable for priming a (cut) tarmac edge, before laying some cold repair tarmac down adjacent to it? It has to be a better job if a primer or edge sealant is used but the spray-on stuff is quite pricey. I was thinking of using something like...
  6. RichTraff

    Driveway - DIY or Not?

    Looking at converting my front garden into a driveway. Considering either tarmac or resin bound. After digger, skip, whacker hire amongst other things, I'm wondering if it's just worth paying to have it done. Does anyone know the going rate per m2?
  7. Ouch77

    Remove poor, shoddy tarmac and turf?

    Some bright spark in years past (70's I reckon, given what other detritus I've dug up) had decided to lay some tarmac type stuff in my back garden, in a strip adjoining the lawn. My desired outcome is to extend the lawn over this area (about 1x7m). It's a fairly undefined patch of tarmac...