Tarmac to Garage Slab Finishing

1 Jul 2019
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United Kingdom

I have a new build property with detached garage and tarmac drive (slopes down and away from garage door). I am looking at improving the finish of the tarmac to the slab on the garage.

In short, the detached garage has a concrete slab which finishes inline with the brickwork. However as the floor wasn't level (from left to right as you look from the front), building control (apparently) insisted screed was poured to level the floor. The screen finishes inline with the door.

When I moved in, the tarmac under finished at the slab (see photo).

However the driveway has since had the finishing coat of tarmac put on top. This tarmac was laid over the slab up to the screed line. It wasn't done very neatly and when it rained, the tarmac sort of 'wicks' the water onto the concrete (which then goes under the door).

I am going to put a rubber strip under the garage door to stop water ingress and as you can see, I have peeled back some of the tarmac on top of the slab (it hasn't bonded very well to the laitance). See the second/third pics.
IMG_4477 (1).jpg IMG_4478 (1).jpg

My question is, how can I finish this a little neater? I am proposing to cut a straight line along the edge of the slab and remove the tarmac to the edge. I am then thinking to use some black 'gunk' (some kind of sealant I guess - ideas?) to fill the line in and provide a boundary between slab and tarmac. However what can I do to neaten the slab surface up - is there a product I could pour to blend between the screed and tarmac? I assume I can't use screed as it'll be outside?

Of course the other option is I cut the line at the screed (sort of like it already is on the left) and then repair the tarmac to the right (can you put cold lay on top of concrete)?

Eventually I want to epoxy the garage floor but I believe I'll either need to grind the screed up (it's lifting in several places) or put down some kind of repair epoxy screed. But this isn't a job that will be done for a while due to cost and the fact I'll have to empty my garage of junk!
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How long ago was it since you moved into your new build?

How long ago was it since the finishing coat of tarmac was laid?

I'm asking cause you might have a case for getting the builders back to do a better job
My garage has a small step from the drive (concrete) but as the drive has a fall towards the garage it does allow water in if the wind is in the right direction. It has a seal on the door, but I have bought an as yet unfitted "bump" style seal that should glue to the floor

I intend to remove a 4" wide strip at the end of my drive and fit some drainage channel
Would that work for you? Even if there's no drain it should collect most of the water most of the time

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