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    What finished thickness tile adhesive is usual? Notch size etc

    6.5thk 150x150 (147x147) bathroom wall tiles. Is there a specific size notch trowel for lighter tiles, what thickness finished adhesive thickness would it give? Just trying to get an idea what combined tile+adhesive thickness would be. Thank you
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    Should I glue and screw Aquapanel to stud?

    I have a stud going in at each end of a bath and was wondering what thickness Aquapanel on the stud would best? To tile over. What does primer (BAL etc) actually do? Does it go on both sides? And what glue would I use to fix the Aquepanel to the stud (plus screws), would Gorilla be ok? Thank you.
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    Plasterboard adhesive/dot dab thickness

    I need to fit a door lining where a wall is to be dry lined (presuming that spread would want the door lining fitted before dry lining the wall). 10mm deep cable capping to accommodate, plus 12.5mm board and 3mm skim? I was thinking of setting the door lining maybe 30mm proud, giving approx...
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    Thickness (or depth) of floor tiles inc. grout.

    I'm putting a horned threshold(cill) in the bottom of a new door frame, because there's a step down from the hallway. And I'd like tiles in the hall, to back of cill. Do 330x300 floor tile thicknesses vary much? What is standard grout thickness? I need to set the cill top at the right...
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    minimum thickness of ply subfloor

    hi, I'm trying to find out what the minimum sensible thickness of plywood i can use to lay over our joists. Its an old house and the joists centres vary from 380 - 400 (most less than 400). The joists are 45mm x 160mm, and there are noggins dotted around the place. Most joists are pretty stable...