timber frame

  1. D

    Simplest way to do a flush wooden path

    I've drawn up plans for a 700mm wide decking path using timber joists, decking blocks etc etc, but I feel like I'm massively over complicating it. I also want it to be flush with the grass level, so I'll need to excavate a whole lot of soil. In these photos, I can see the guy has used some kind...
  2. G

    Mira shower tray riser kit

    Hi, I recently bought a Mira flight safe tray 1000x800 mm that needs to be raised. Are Mira riser kits sturdy or wooden frames are considered to be more solid?
  3. SpaceWorm

    Garage Conversion Wall & Floor Construction Details

    Hello All, I am planning to convert a detached, 1960's, brick-built (singe-skin with piers) garage with a pitched, tiled roof into a new kitchen-diner and connect it to the existing house with a nice walkway with plenty of glass. The garage is approximately 3.5x6.0m. I am planning to construct...
  4. E

    How to fit coal post steel on block and beam floor

    No longer required thank you for replies
  5. T

    Rear Extension Query

    We are considering adding a timber frame extension at the back of our house, which would fill what is currently an "alley" between the back wall and a raised patio (image below is midway through some landscaping we had done last year): I have scoured these forums and others to see if what I...
  6. SS-ProjectBuild

    Flat Roof - Joist Sizes help [Diagram]

    Hi Guys, Looking at the attached plan... with the joists running left to right.... which joist size would be suitable: 1) 8x2 2) 8x3 3) 9x3 The internal walls are solid block and load bearing
  7. D

    Workshop Build

    So I have started my workshop build today... Finally! I am knocking down my current garage to make way for a double story side extension on my house so need the workshop to house all my tools and junk. (See...
  8. Mike7898

    Shed on concrete base

    Hello, if building a shed/garden office directly on a raised concrete base the perfect size do I need to allow bearers underneath the shed or will I be ok as my membrane will overlap my concrete? Cheers
  9. J

    Gable wall in timber frame and render on external side. Advise on materials to use

    I have to convert my roof from hip to gable and builder advise to make the wall in timber instead of block work as this would be lighter and avoid issue of sticking the insulated plasterboard on the internal side which is very expensive. I came across this detail which was discussed many years...
  10. giznorm

    Another Garden Room - big ambitions and humble beginnings

    Hi all, After years of hanging around this site, I finally have a big enough project of my own to share. I am building a garden room (yes... it's another garden room post) with a view to discovering if I can learn enough skills to eventually build my own timber frame house extension (which I...
  11. GardenofficeDIY

    Installing roof joist into header plate?

    Hi looking for advice on dealing with the 2.5m height restriction on a outbuilding. I am building a garden office 4x2 stick frame. I am looking at installing french doors (2400mm wide) and I underestimated the Size of the vertical header plate required. If I go for a 8x2 vertical header...
  12. MikeStout

    House price with time per construction method

    Timber frame seems to be getting ground and is or will be very soon the most popular construction method in this country. In Scandinavia and the US it is already the case. Still, frankly, I have my doubts. Yet, being a rational person I wonder if there is a rational reason to say that frame...
  13. B

    Shed/Outbuilding options

    I've got a double garage at the rear of my property and I'm looking to attach a new "Shed" to the back of it. I've already laid a 4x3m 9 inch concrete slab with DPM but I'm undecided on how to proceed. My choices have boiled down to the following and I'm keen to hear peoples opinions. Timber...
  14. fatmcgav

    Garden Office project

    Hey all... I'm in the process of designing a new garden office to replace an existing T&G Log cabin that's had it's time... The office footprint is going to be 4.8m wide x 4.2m deep, and will come in under the 2.5m height for permitted development. I'm intending to add a small kitchenette...
  15. A

    Wood filler around window frame not setting

    I have a wooden window frame, I think it is an old softwood type casement window where the glass is putty pointed from the outside into the frame. Due to condensation over the years the bottom part of the frame from the inside is slightly rotting away because the condensation trickles down the...
  16. A

    Beading Timber Frame Window

    When you bead a single pane window from the outside, do you bead tight to the glass or do you leave a gap and fill will putty?
  17. A

    What type of putty for single and double glazed glass?

    What type of putty do I use for a single glaze glass and double glazed glass? I note there are different type e.g. linseed oil putty and butyl putty? How long do you have to leave it before you can paint or stain over it? Any decent brands recommended?
  18. J

    Flat roof edge detailing

    About to wrap my timber framed garden office with the breathable membrane and battens but am unsure how the edge detail is finished with an EPDM roof. The cold roof rafters end flush with the stud wall rather than any overhang. If I go by the limited diagrams seen so far (see attached), then...
  19. J

    Garden outbuilding, insulation and more???

    Hi there. I've had some very helpful advice from this forum recently, but need some more if possible. Just wanted to confirm the insulation specs. The plan is currently; Floor 75mm PIR insulation laid directly on concrete with glued battens spanning front to back as a fix for scaffold...
  20. A

    Type of paint for exterior timber windows and door

    I have some timber windows and doors to paint but I'm a bit confused between wood treatment, wood stains and wood paint. Some of the windows already appear to have some type of a dark oak gloss paint which is peeling away in certain areas. Others look like they have just a stain. I'm I ok to...