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    Upgrading Danfoss TP9000 with remote sensor TS2 & TP5000 to Smart Drayton Wiser Kit 3

    Hello fellow users, I have a wired non-smart Danfoss thermostats system that I am trying to replace with Drayton Wiser 3 kit but running into some issues where I would like your knowledge and expertise. The current system is: TP9000 controlling ground floor heating and overall Water of the...
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    Hive Installation

    Hi I am looking at possibly upgrading our existing system with Hive, Tado or similar. Hive is my current preferred option as I have seen a good deal on an approved re-sellers website. Our current system is a two zone using TP5000 controllers. We have a Gledhill Boilermate SP and GB20 boiler...
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    Danfoss TP9000, TP5000 & Smart Heating

    Hello all, I'm thinking of buying either Tado, Hive or Nest for my house. I live in a relatively new build 3 story townhouse in the UK with the Danfoss TP9000 thermostat / hot water programmer on the ground floor next to my Ideal Logic 15 boiler, a Danfoss TS2 sensor in the living room. Then...