1. T

    How to trim/hide handmade mexican tile edges

    Planning to tile halfway up my kitchen window, I want to tile inside the recess but how to negotiate the external corner has me stumped. Absolutely cannot find any such thing as a bullnose mexican tile in the UK and I feel like a metal or plastic trim would ruin the handmade aesthetic... How to...
  2. ExtraSouthWill

    Exterior Window Trim Question

    Hi there - I am new to the channel. Wanted to run a question by some of you experts out there. I am replacing windows in my home with replacement windows and am trying to figure out the best way to put trim on the exterior. As a side note, my neighbor hired a contractor to install his windows...
  3. MrsRenovator

    LVT window sill front trim

    I have very deep window sills in the bathroom, (450mm deep) and I want to put LVT golden oak on them. The walls and reveals are painted, and there is no bullnose or overhang at all. So it's just the depth of the lvt on the front flush edge that will need disguising. Unless I cut a 25mm strip and...
  4. R

    How to restore yellowed shower trim (was transparent)

    Our guest bathroom shower enclosure has six transparent seals for the doors - two of which have discoloured/yellowed (same part - from both sides). Before we look at replacing them, does anyone have any tips for restoring discoloured/yellowed trim back to its transparent state?
  5. L

    Cracked tile, removing shower base

    Amazing how the prospect of moving house gives focus to lots of little jobs that I had somehow been avoiding... :rolleyes: She Who Must Be Obeyed has pointed out that it would be nice not to have a blatant crack in a floor tile when showing people round (and the grouting is crumbling too), but...
  6. D

    Edge trim for click vinyl

    Am putting in 18mm ply with 8mm click vinyl surface, looking for an 8mm edge trim to go along the btm of this sliding door, just under the window frame btm, it's a bit tight for clearance at the right hand end but gets better to the left. Reveal is 2525 skim to skim. There is a 2.5m Dial 8mm...
  7. J

    Where can I buy this molding?

    What is this molding called and where can I buy it ? .... or is it more likely to be a bespoke creation ? - each block is about 1 inch in size. Any thoughts gratefully received
  8. D

    Wall panels - above 1800x800 bath - ground floor

    I haven't used this panelling before, haven't done much tiing either. Shower panels look like the way forward if I can get some for above the bath. Does anyone supply custom panels? (probably not laminate). Thick enough to be rigid. For walls above long side and each end. Approx.160cm tall...
  9. L

    General window exterior trim enquiry

    Is it normal to have gaps like this on the trim on the outside of the windows?
  10. G

    What strip to join laminate to tiles ?

    hi, What sort of strip is best to join a slightly higher tiled floor with a tile edge strip that is partially broken to a laminate as in pic ? Thanks
  11. barnsley7

    Floor trim beading, can't get angle right

    I have some floor trim/beading to go around my new laminate floor, but I'm struggling to get a nice 45° degree angle. I have a mitre saw which has 45° setting but the trim is not flat so I can't get the angle to be flush. Skotia edge by barnsley7 posted 8 Dec 2019 at 3:18 PM Skotia trim by...
  12. M

    Sliding Door Step Trim

    We have a sliding patio door which I have looked all over and cannot find any kind of branding. The doorstep trim (see photo) is very tatty. It a black plastic section which clips into some aluminium track underneath. I have spent most of the morning Googling and cannot find anything similar...
  13. dilalio

    Ideas wanted for white trim around quadrant shower tray

    just replaced a defective pentangle shower tray with a stone resin quadrant tray 1000x1000mm (radius 550mm). The old tray was fitted butted against the tiles (which went to the floor), and not underneath them, so it leaked. I have cut away tiles so that new tray slides underneath. I now have to...