1. G

    Hybrid vent system

    Hello All, Just wanted to get some feedback on a system design I came up with. I understand that in a vented system the water in the tank should remain below 20 degrees to prevent legionella but it never made sense why you would route the hot water vent pipe back into the tank. I took...
  2. nmg196

    Tundish makes loud noise when draining bath water

    I have a bedroom air conditioning unit which drains water to the bath waste pipe via a tundish valve (this was my idea - not the A/C installers as I didn't want them to run a huge white pipe down the front of my house). It works perfectly for the purposes of the A/C to drain condensate but...
  3. A

    Water dripping through Tundish after 2 PRV replacements

    Hello, Wonder if anyone has any ideas or thoughts, i've even spoken to a plumber who is a little confused.We have a unvented Stelflow cylinder which in the past year has had 2 PRV replacement and a temp pressure release valve to. While this stopped the dripping through the tundish initially...
  4. A

    Megaflo cylinder water leaking through tundish

    Hi everyone, I’ve been having an issue with my megaflo direct unvented cylinder, When I turn the cylinder on either boost or off peak, the water leaks though the tundish and keeps going. I’ve followed the instructions and repressurised the megaflo but have had the same issue. I thought this...
  5. B

    Unvented Indirect Tundish Discharge - What Reason?

    Hello knowledgeable folks. I have an issue that occurred about a year ago and has come up again. I have a Santon Premier Indirect Unvented heating cylinder and when the heating system is running there appears to be water discharge from the tundish. This is not a constant discharge, because...
  6. happydays129

    megaflo cylinder water dripping through tundish

    Hi everyone, I have my megaflo unvented water cylinder installed a year ago. Now i noticed when heating, water dripping through tundish. I have contacted engineers and the scheduled visit is 2 weeks later (Crying). I am wondering is it safe still to use water cylinder while water dripping...
  7. JinxyK

    Having problems restoring boiler pressure

    Hey guys! I'm pretty noob with all boiler associated issues. But I still thought it would be a good idea to bleed the heaters on my own. And so I did, but now I am having trouble restoring the pressure. It is now at 0 and every time I try to increase it to 1 water starts flowing through the...
  8. J

    unvented cylinder tundish dripping

    I have a an electric unvented cylinder hot water boiler, the tundish has started dripping water constantly. Is this dangerous? should I switch the boiler off until I can get it serviced? thanks for the advice Jon Untitled by jon21021985 posted 9 Sep 2013 at 12:58 AMUntitled by jon21021985...
  9. O

    Water dripping constantly through tundish in airing cupboard

    For the last week or so there has been water dripping through the tundish in the airing cupboard. The water exits out a pipe to the rear of the house. Is this normal behaviour for this time of year when the weather is warm and the central heating is not on? I'd be really grateful if anyone...