tv cable

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    Re-route / reverse cable tv connector /cabling?

    Hi, we have a Virgin Media cable tv connector on one side of interior stud wall (bedroom) but the tv is on the reverse side of the wall with no connector. Temporarily we have run the cable along the bedroom floor and looped around the door to reach the living room tv. We would like to either...
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    Splitter before Distribution Box

    Is it OK to place a splitter before a TV distribution box. I have one TV that runs from a cable in the loft, the aerial also runs to the loft and these are currently joined. I have several cables that run from the cellar to points around the house. The easiest thing to do is to put a 8 or 16 way...
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    Re wiring all TV/ satellite system. What I need to do? Help

    I`m just re wiring all new house and I got some doubt on how many cable I should run to make house completely future proof. I usually watch freeview but would be good to have a satellite option in case we want use sky in the future. Can anyone advise on how many cable and which one I should...