under floor heating with rads

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    Advice on new Smart Central Heating and UFH system

    Hi All, I am getting a new Central heating system installed and looking for advice on the best design. The heating system will consist of the following components: System Boiler. Megaflo. 2 Zone Underfloor heating. 15 Radiators. I have narrowed it to the Heatmiser Neo stat system or...
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    Underfloor heating in conservatory

    Hi folks, I have a combo boiler and radiator system across the house. I would like to put underfloor heating in my existing conservatory, I would like to have water instead of electric because of the energy saving. Theres a radiator on the wall in the house next to the conservatory. I want to...
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    Glowworm ultracom2 cxi - UFH

    My house has a glowworm ultracom2 CXi 35 combi, feeding the radiators on all floors and for hot water in showers and taps. The heating element is controlled by a Nest 3rd gen thermostat. I am going to do a ground floor refurb, and will be installing underfloor heating on the ground floor only...
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    Under floor heating - upgrade to controller?

    Hi all, I've had a scout around for an existing thread which might cover this but can't find anything so apologies if one does exist. In the process of planning my wet UFH. I want wet UFH to whole downstairs and rads on first floor. I've currently got a Salus IT500 wireless controller and have...