usb power supply

  1. ChrisR

    Need a "USB Charger" without a mains plug

    I have L & N in the base of an outside light, and want to supply a front-door camera which needs a USB level 5V supply. I want a small power supply I can wire into, and house in, the light's base. There's no room for a mains plug/socket. Something the size of the USB supply integrated in some...
  2. S

    mains sockets with 2 USB ports delivering 2.1A to both ports (not shared) ?

    Hi I'm thinking of getting some mains sockets with built in USB ports, along the lines of these: I haven't purchased any yet though as I can't find any that can deliver 2.1A from both usb ports at...
  3. eveares

    Potentially Dangerous USB Hub Power supply!?

    Just teared down a cheap USB power supply from a USB hub, and to no surprise :rolleyes: the isolation between the mains primary side and the SELV secondary side was suspicious at best. Not only did my non contact voltage detection stick react to what should have been the separated isolated 5V...