1. mixer28

    Best way to connect a USB LED strip to a ceiling light fitting

    I wanted to know the best way to use my ceiling light fitting (which is a bayonet cap) to connect an LED light strip that has a USB connector and typically plugs into a USB to mains plug adaptor (like the iPhone charger ones). If I plug in a cable with a bayonet fitting ( as per image)...
  2. P

    Wall mounting tablet with hidden power supply

    I'm looking to wall mount a tablet (probably Android) to run Action Tiles so it will show CCTV & various sensor status. The wall mount part is straight forward as there appear to be plenty of universal holders on eBay that will mount it against the wall. I was thinking to sink a double back...
  3. S

    mains sockets with 2 USB ports delivering 2.1A to both ports (not shared) ?

    Hi I'm thinking of getting some mains sockets with built in USB ports, along the lines of these: I haven't purchased any yet though as I can't find any that can deliver 2.1A from both usb ports at...