vapor control

  1. sammerz

    Garage conversion floor / wall detail

    Hello, I am designing my detached garage conversion, it’s a single skin brick building on a solid raft slab. I’ve had a look on multiple previous posts and cannot find a specific answer. I’ve post here and in the ‘building’ forum, not sure which is best. I am need of advice at the wall/floor...
  2. M

    Using Damp proof membrane as vapour barrier

    Have a good amount of damp proof membrane left which my builder previously used when laying down concrete. Really heavy duty stuff this: I'm fixing insulated plasterboards with built in vapour...
  3. D

    Ceiling Vapour Barrier - New Build (merged threads)

    HI, I am new to the forum. I have a new build finished and been living in this past year. The builder forgot to add vapour control layer to the ceilings as shown in red on the attached section image. 2 coats of emulsion paint have been provided to the ceilings. There are no visible issues but I...
  4. N

    Insulation and vapour control timber frame summerhouse

    Hi All I am in process of building a summer house / mancave; it is constructured out of 6x2 treated timber (pent roof and floor joists) and 4x2 stud work. I have insulated with 80mm celotex between wall studs and 100mm between floor and ceiling joists. On the outside I have lined with 11mm OSB...