1. R

    What can be done about this varnish drip?

    So theres a big drip of varnish on my oak veneered front door (inside although whole door was done the same) and I’m wondering if I can fix it? No idea what kind of varnish it is unfortunately. Slightly milky maybe?
  2. W

    Polycrylic paint

    Hi I've just built a MDF entertainment unit that I considering coating in Polycrylic paint, is it worth it? They'll be a lot of banging on it by the children.
  3. D

    Add a waterproof finish on top of lacquer

    My partner bought a sideboard she wanted me to upcycle. I painted it with furniture paint and given it a few coats of chalky finish spray lacquer but she's since decided she'd like to convert it to an undersink unit with countertop basin. Is there a finish I can apply directly on top of the...
  4. A

    Pine T&G Floorboard - Can you leave it unfinished if covering?

    Simple one, hopefully. I’ve had to replace a couple sections of pine flooring due to a leak. I will be covering with ply and then vinyl / LVT (I’d rather have a wooden floor but half the room’s floor is concrete so I can’t…) I’ve covered with a boron treatment to protect from dry/wet rot -...
  5. Grahamandcharlie

    Can you put wood dye into varnish

    Hi No sure if this is a good idea to save time but has anybody tried pouring Wood dye into varnish? We are struggling to get the floor colour we want as most turn out to be too yellow or too orange so wondered if anyone has tried mixing 2 wood stains together? Could you then just pour the...
  6. E

    What type of floor oil / varnish is this?

    Hello, I'm hoping you can help me with this! I need to sand down a few patches of an old wooden floor, due to extreme grubbiness / ingrained dirt, and then re-oil or varnish to pretty much the same colour. I have sanded down a patch and tried applying four coats of danish oil. The finish...
  7. B

    Console Table - Identifying Wood Type

    I bought an old console table recently. It's covered in a horrible dark, sticky varnish type coating which gives the wood grain a strange orangey hue from certain angles. Almost looks as if someone has painted gravy on there and left it to dry. It's a b****r to sand off as well. I digress. I've...
  8. L

    Remove finish from stone

    Hi, I've got a stone window sill, it has some kind of thick glossy varnish on it. As you can see in the pictures it is cracking and peeling all over. Does any body know what's the best way to remove the existing product, and what is a nice product to refinish with? Any help greatly...
  9. K

    Floorboard colour difference - How to even up?

    Hello, The lighter bit of the wood had really thick old varnish that I first removed the bulk of it with paint stripper and then sanded back. The middle bit had no varnish so just sanded this back. Will this disappear or become less pronounced after varnishing? We're thinking of using ronseal...
  10. Ouch77

    treating pine t&g soffit cladding

    I want to clad the underside of front overhang of my shed/garden-room in 11mm T&G - the overhang is about 900mm, so not insubstantial. (I'm lining the interior with the same stuff, so have bought extra) The wood will naturally need treatment as it will be outside. I'm not fussed about...
  11. robodelfy

    Best way to freshen up 'ok quality' floorboards?

    Hi, I have floor boards throughout my victorian terraced house. The ones downstairs seem more modern and have no gaps like the old ones upstairs. As you can see from the photos, the entrance is looking quite worn and black in places, will I be able to sand this out or is it likely very deep...
  12. M

    Staining over white gloss

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of redecorating the hallway and stairs and I'd like to stain/varnish the handrail a dark brown which is currently painted white gloss, is it possible? What's the best approach? Is there a primer that could be used over the top of the gloss and then able a...
  13. A

    Regular varnish on a painted floor?

    So I'm painting our awful floorboards with some chalk paint, and want to varnish over the top for a satin finish. Can I use any varnish (like Ronseal satin) over the top or does it absolutely have to be the floor varnish - which costs 4 times as much! The regular varnish has directions which say...
  14. A

    Is it Varnish or Stain?

    I have window frame and sill which has been painted over from the inside by someone with gloss paint. The paint is all cracking/peeling off. Beneath it, it looks like there is a mahogany varnish or stain. How can I tell what the original finish was, in other words how can I tell the difference...
  15. D

    Ethanol based Liberon dye

    On a new pine t& g floor, before varnishing - I was going to use the light oak to counteract the orange effect that sometimes manifests on varnished pine. How quickly will the dye dry? Presumably I'll have to get it down very quickly to avoid bolder patches of dye produced by letting an edge...
  16. S

    Suggestions for most natural finish possible for oak floor?

    I've just sanded the oak floor in our lounge/hallway, it having been caked in a horrible thick, dark brown stain the past 30 years. I love how its come up, and have been testing with some finishes to protect it. I purchased some Ronseal clear, satin water-based varnish in the hope it would keep...
  17. S

    Strengthening wood beams

    Hi I've got some 20 year old wood beams in my roof which support the existing ceiling. They are still in a good condition. I'm wanting to make a loft conversion and was thinking about further strengthening the beams by painting them with something but not sure whether to use a varnish or enamel...
  18. O

    regenerating wooden window sills

    Hi everyone, Some window sills in my (new) house seem to be varnished, and some others seem to never have been. These un-varnished have often lost the natural colour (probably UV rays and other factors). Rather than varnishing the de-coloured window sills, I thought that maybe applying some...
  19. L

    Hard wood decking types/colours

    Hi there kind people of DIYnot. I need some advice please. We wanted to change our dated stone patio to some nice wood decking. I have bought some weathered hard wood decking locally. It was really cheap (I think £3/m +VAT is cheap) so I did not mind that it needs to get washed and treated. I...
  20. foxinthehouse

    Blooming on new exterior varnish

    Hi everyone, I am varnishing the outside of my wooden lodge with Bondex classic teak. All OK until this morning when I went out to look at the bit I did yesterday. A very heavy dew came down last evening and all that I painted in the afternoon has bloomed. The sun is out now but the blooming...