vaulted ceiling

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    Steel Beam wider than Cavity Wall - Extension

    Hi Currently have a builder doing an extension on my home and it requires a 305 steel being installed on posts. My aim/instruction was to 'hide' the beam but putting it higher in the property and the floor joists will then run into it. We have a 305mm steel beam but the cavity wall is 1980s...
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    Ridge beam

    Hi We are in the process of buying a house that got planning permission as a 'conservatory' but as it has opens into the house with no external doors, and has no independent heating it does not meet this criteria and is an extension. We got an architect round who said the timber beam supporting...
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    Bungalow extension, ridge beam, matching existing roof line

    Hi all Helping a mate build an extension to his bungalow The bungalow has a trussed roof. The extension (full width) at the back will have vaulted roof and patio/bifold doors overlooking the garden. How do you pro's work out where the ridge beam will sit, so that the extension will have the...
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    How many is too many roof windows

    Hi, not sure if anyone can help with my query. We are converting a 1960 barn. The room is 10 x 11 meters and will be completely open plan with a vaulted ceiling height of approx 6 meters at the apex. The roof pitch is 22.5 and is oriented east to west. There will be two patio sliders on both...
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    how to insulate my vaulted ceiling

    hello, my vaulted ceiling has no insulation, and it gets cold in that area of the house during winter. it is an upstairs hallway vaulted ceiling. a 1920s plaster and lathe ceiling with about 2inch (5cm) gap above, after which is positioned the slanted roof [a 1970s grey membrane/plastic is...