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    Visonic Powermax complete compatiblity with Ethernet or Wifi

    Hello all, I am getting my phoneline removed and currently I have visonic Powermax complete connected to my land line so that in the event of breakins I get the notifications on the phone. Once the phone line is disconnected, there will be no other way I would be in a position to find out if...
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    Visonic Powermax

    Re Visonic Powermax. I recently changed the sim card in the GSM module. Now, the system arms okay but it is reporting a "Network Error" and when the alarm goes off the system fails to call out to my mobile phone like it did before. I have tested the new sim card in a mobile device and it works...
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    ADT Visonic Powermax 10 tamper fault clearing

    Hi. I wonder if anyone can help me please. My daughter has moved into a house with an ADT Visonic Powermax10 wireless alarm. My daughter wanted to avoid the cost of an ADT contract and their call out charges that are quite high. The door sensor (looks like a PG9975 or similar) was reporting...
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    Visonic Powermaster 33 'video on demand'

    Hello, I have an out-of-contract ADT Visonic Powermaster alarm panel with GSM and Powerlink module. Software version 19. All works well. I want to add the 'Visonic Motion Detector with Integrated Camera Next CAM K9 PG2' for extra visibility. Unfortunately, these detectors don't show video...
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    Visonic Powermaster 33 - SIM not verified

    Hello, I have an out-of-contract Visonic Powermaster alarm panel with GSM and Powerlink module. Everything is working well, but I can't get rid of the 'sim not verified' error. The system is connected to the tycomonitoring server. When trying 'sim number test' under diagnostics, connection to...
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    Problem GSM 350 module and powermax complete

    Hello All, Thank you very much for everyone's input on here, I have learnt alot about the powermax panels from reading posts on here - I actually just read posts to gain knowledge and not necessarily to change my system until now. I connected the gsm module to my powermax complete panel but i...
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    GSM Wireless Alarm Advice - Pyronix / Visonic

    I'm looking at fitting a new alarm to my home and looking at either a Pyronix or Visonic, preferably with a GSM module, as i don't always have broadband/landline. Is there a great difference in quality between these two brands?
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    Visonic Go App advice required

    Hi, Does anyone run the Visonic Go app on the iphone? I'd be grateful for any input on the following issues. All was working smoothly until the recent app update, I can log in, set alarm, check for errors but for some reason I don't receive any push notifications on the alerts, I've enabled...
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    Wireless Alarms

    Hello all, I'm looking at installing a new wireless home alarm with 6 zones (4 PIRS, 2 door contacts). The two I have read most about are 'Pyronix Enforcer' and 'Visonic PowerMax'. I have also asked local installer and most local installers would prefer Visonic. I know on spec Pyronix is two...
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    Visonic Powermax Complete + Outdoor Siren MCS-710

    I have the above system installed for about 5 years. Last year the batteries run out for the siren and i got 2 x 20k mah batteries from the supplier below... I...
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    Visonic Powermaster 30 - Powerlink 3 help?

    I've recently installed a Visonic powermaster 30, I ordered the powerlink 3 to match, I'm a little confused over whether I have to use the monitoring station for alarm alerts or is it possible for me to receive activation alerts etc via email without having to subscribe to visonics monitoring...
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    Replace battery in Visonic Siren MCS-710 and MCS-720

    Hi, Hoping for some help. I have a Visonic PowerMax Complete and now I need to replace the batteries in two Sirens MCS-710 and MCS-720. I have the installer code to the system but I am not sure in which order to replace the batteries. In the MCS-710 instruction it says that I login to the...