wall plug

  1. MikeMarshall

    What kind of wall plug can be used with aluminium

    Hello, is there any one that know whether there are any kind of wall plugs a could use with 3mm aluminium? I want to hang something off a 3mm aluminium sheet but not use bolts so could i feesibly use say an hollow wall anchors or would it not bite? Thanks in advance. Mike
  2. T

    Plugs to replace curtain pole brackets in plasterboard???

    Hello :) Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm a DIY newbie: I'm replacing curtain pole brackets as our previous brackets have bent under the weight of the curtains. I've removed the old brackets - There weren't any plugs in the wall apart from one very large metal (potentially...
  3. R

    Screwing into a plasterboarded wall

    I’m going to try to put a tv on the wall but haven’t done any DIY before. It’s an external wall which is brick then plasterboard. I purchased Fischer Duopower 10 x 80s plugs which came with screws. The problem is I don’t have the right length drill bits or nut driver for those screws. I...