1. F

    Shower/bath pump briefly triggered when washbasin hot water tap turned on

    Evening, all. Our bath and shower have a pump fitted, and I'm used to hearing it going when I'm running the water for either of them, but I've recently noticed that occasionally when I turn the hot water tap for the adjacent washbasin on or off the pump gets triggered for a second. Is this...
  2. J

    New Boiler and new bathroom. What would you suggest in term of brands

    I have been quoted for a new plumbing system with 2 option. Worcester and ATAG boiler system. What your thought about these 2 brands? As I have also buy all the bathroom components including shower mixer, taps and ceramic. I know this is very objective in terms of design but what would a good...
  3. DaveFix

    Can this work? Join Washbasin Waste Pipe with Bath Waste Pipe

    Hi all, When I install the WC against the wall, the waste pipe from the washbasin will be in the way. I'm trying to reduce the amount of unnecessary / visible pipework anyway. My question is: If I feed the washbasin waste pipe straight down and join onto the bath waste pipe, am I likely to get...
  4. B

    Fitting a new waashbasin pop up waste IN SITU

    I’ve seen various videos showing how to fit a new pop up waste – and I'm now realising that this is often done BEFORE the sink and pedestal are finally installed. I can see why. Now, we have no intention of dismantling the washbasin itself after already spending sooooo much time removing the old...