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  1. I

    Washing machine and dryer to single standpipe

    Hi, I'd like to connect my washing machine and condensing dyer to the same standpipe. I've seen this McAlpine Twin Hose Connector. The washing machine hose would connect perfectly to that but the dryer hose is only 10mm. Does anyone know of a 10mm to 20mm adapter I could use, or suggest another...
  2. A

    Washing machine drainage hose good practice

    Any plumbers that can foresee issues with the below set up? I have installed my washing machine and needed to extend the drainage hose. Only options I found was 2.5m. This is leaving a lot of excessive hose that I’ve had to arrange as in the picture. My concern is stagnant water building up and...
  3. bettz1

    Replacing dishwasher washing machine switches

    Just wanted to check that these are the correct switches to replace the ones we've currently got in our kitchen,on the dishwasher, washing machine and fridge. https://www.toolstation.com/bg-brushed-steel-20a-dp-switch/p15759#full-desc Replacing these
  4. S

    Hotpoint- ARMXXL 125 door lock rapid trigger

    Hello! My Hotpoint Ariston ARMXXL 125 washing machine door lock rapid trigger when push start button. I have tried new door lock, but same problem. Please help me.
  5. D

    Bosch Washing Machine intermitant stopping

    Bosch Maxx washing machine display blanks, machine stops at any point in wash cycle. A time, ranging from a few seconds to many minutes, afterwards the display lights up and the machine carries on washing. Occurred on Hot wash cycle, never reached drain, rinse, spin etc part of cycle. Have...
  6. E

    Water backing up into bathtub

    Hello, I’d be very grateful for some advice on a plumbing issue we’re having. We’ve moved into a second floor flat that we’re renovating. Behind the bathroom wall is a recess within the building. The waste pipe heads through the bathroom wall and joins the building communal waste (I...
  7. D

    New use for a washing machine - any ideas?

    Hi. I have a Bosch drum type washing machine that I'm trying to make use of, but not as a clothes washing machine. So, I've taken out the control panel, envisaging a home-brew panel that pretty much simply turns on the motor and enables speed variation of it. But, I am rather stuck on what...
  8. Rachell411

    Indesit leaking

    I have an Indesit 4173 washer dryer wjich is leaking underneath. I have tipped it up unacrewed filter from body but how do i unclip drainage hose from the machine ro see if that has the leak? Or have u any otger ideas what could be how to fix? As we on lockdown n have complicated health...
  9. JD2012

    How easy is it to plumb in a Washing Machine?

    How easy is it to plumb in a Washing Machine? I need a new one but they can charge quite a bit to plumb it in. I can do basic plumbing stuff like changing a tap washer. I have looked online but can't find printed step by step guids just videos which i don't like. Thanks :)
  10. D

    Washing machines not draining

    Hi Everyone, After a bit of help from the community! I recently installed an additional washing machine, and tried to connect the two washing machine's drain hose into the same drainage system. I purchased a multi-fit connection (McAlpine WM11 Appliance Trap, link below) to connect the two...
  11. eveares

    Best place to sell used Electrolux washing machine parts and how much to charge?

    The bearings in the drum of our Electrolux EWG147540W washing machine went recently and our insurance company have since wrote the machine off and are giving us a new Siemens one. As they are taking the old machine away to be recycled (we had to pay £12 for that), I have since taken all the...
  12. D

    Washing machine on lino that isn't glued down - good idea?

    I have a small galley kitchen upstairs, t&g chipboard floor. I don't like fitted units, I would prefer freestanding so I can have unbroken skirting with wall to wall lino, and if I ever need to get in amongst the services beneath the floor I would prefer it if the lino wasn't glued down (it...