water hammer

  1. B

    Water hammer when hot water comes on, following heating.

    I'm experiencing a water hammer when my hot water comes on, following on from the heating. My hot water is on a timer, to come on twice a day to fill a hot water tank. If I have my heating on in between, then when the hot water come on there is a nasty, loud water hammer. The hot water /...
  2. S

    Water hammer arrester but i dont have qater hammer

    Hi lads just had a new boiler fitted and they put a water hammer arrester under the boiler i started getting water hammer " ive never had this before" so i called them back and they cured the problem by taking the water hammer arrester off and said it was that which was causing the water hammer...
  3. BillyWillySilly

    Hammer arrestor causing water hammer?

    This may sound odd but I wonder if it rings any bells. On recent threads to solve a water hammer problem, I fitted a hammer arrestor on the attic feed pipe. Turns out it was not needed as it was a float valve in the tank. All seemed to be well until I turned off the water to the attic and...
  4. BillyWillySilly

    Water hammer / noise on hot water system fill

    I previously posted that I thought I was getting water hammer when the header tank in the loft was being filled. I suggested I replaced the float in the tank but the problem did not go away. A plumber suggested that I install a shock arrestor which I did to the pipe which feeds the tank...
  5. N

    Expansion vessels and water hammer

    Hi Guys, We've had pretty bad water hammer issues on our hot taps. I installed 2 vessels: https://www.screwfix.com/p/sioux-chief-dw660-h-water-hammer-arrestor-bsp-connection/9813r https://www.screwfix.com/p/reflex-expansion-vessel-shock-arrestor-0-16ltr/8199v They have fixed the issue, but...
  6. A

    Loud hammering noise and irregular water flow from bath taps

    I wonder if anyone could help me with this one please? A month or so ago, I fitted a new bath and new taps. They're fed by 22mm copper pipes. I have those braided flexible hoses for the last foot of pipe run to each tap. All seemed fine, but in this last week, there's been a loud hammering...
  7. S

    Loud Shuddering noise from hot tap and possibly heating

    Hi All, recently, when I turn the bath hot tap on, just slightly, a very loud shuddering, like a pneumatic drill, can be heard from the pipes/floor/tap? When I turn the tap on fully, it stops. Is this water hammer? It doesn't happen all the time, just every so often. But it is so loud and...
  8. R

    Water hammer; is it the tap?

    Loud hammer noise when one particular hot tap is turned on. Clears quickly when tap is fully opened, or when a hot tap in the next room is opened. Sounds like the hammering is at or near the tap itself. Last night I was awoken by a hammer which sounded like it wasn't going to stop. I found the...