water ingress

  1. M

    Water ingress, possible penetrating damp?

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help advise me about what the likely cause of my problem is and suggest some next steps. During a recent night of strong wind and rain, I noticed a small damp patch in the corner of our bedroom. A small damp area in the about the size of a £2 coin, with a few...
  2. D

    Flat roof - felted with gravel (Internal leak)

    Just noticed I have a leak from my flat roof right in the corner of the room. Need a temp method of repair to stem the ingress of water. Weather is foggy and damp, it's a north facing garden and I hear a asteroid is about to hit my location. Putting aside the asteroid disaster for a minute...
  3. wilco88

    Is this a leak or condensation

    Hi, This is a small flat roof that joins to the house and main pitched roof. Some background info: It has never had any insulation between rafters and doesn't have insulation on top. Timber roof joists/rafters with timber furring. Then plywood and then torch on felt. We discovered the...
  4. cajsoft

    stone cottage.. water ingress around window

    Hi, I have an old farm house cottage that's got a few water ingress issues since winter. it first manifested as some blistering on the paint work of the window sill. it's steadily gotten worse and recently I have removed the internal window sill to try and identify the issue. Unfortunately...
  5. Deancleaveruk

    Need advice!!

    Can anyone explain why my windows are leaking on the inside like this? See attached. Will be be down to the pointing? I know there is expanding foam in between the cavity then its plastered over the top. Anything I can do to prevent it happening?
  6. T

    Damp in Bay Window

    Have lived in our house for around 3 years now, and this has got progressively worse every autumn/winter. Have had a couple people look at it, and they all say something different. Have topped up the sealant to the uPVC windows on the outside. House is semi detached, and around 100 years old. We...
  7. beneix

    Water/moisture on top of raft foundation

    We moved in to a house earlier this year. It was built in the early 1950s and I am told it has a raft foundation. The other day, I opened the access hatch to the crawl space underneath our suspended timber floor for the first time to take a look. Upon opening the hatch, there was a distinct...