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    Tenement living room window bay paneling and insulation

    Hi there I have a tenement flat in a tenement building built in the 1890s. I've just removed the ugly upvc window casing and wooden stool or sill. What's left then is the stripped upvc windows in wooden frames, sitting on the sandstone exterior wall. I like the original wooden panelling and...
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    How to bullnose MDF window board?

    Hi, I want to bull nose some MDF window board. I understand I can buy bull nose board, but I also wanted to bull nose the sides (not sure what they are called) on the left and right of the board where it sits proud of the window reveal. So I was going to get a router but I'm unsure what bit...
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    Window board rolled edge 25mm. How to make the rolled edge on the side?

    I have to replace my windows board and was thinking of buying some length of windows board and cut to size than machine the side and make it rolled edge as per the front having a nice 45° sharp corner. I got a router but never done any rolled edge. is there anyone helping me to understand what...
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    Internal Window Sill - What to do!

    Hi all.... I have a newly plastered window sill (and new window). The sill is just a bare plastered recess. I've looked at plastic covered mdf rounded edge board which is 25mm thick and I like it. The problem is that if I use this type of cover, the 25mm thickness will cover most the the bottom...
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    Fix/secure timber window boards to thermalite

    I found some recommendations for screwing ply to the top of the inner leaf (I think that some 100mm drywall screws would be fine without rawlplugs), and then gripfix the timber sill down to the ply? What did you think of sticking the sill directly down to the thermalites using Caberfix or...
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    Primed MDF window boards

    Hi, i am looking at fitting the Primed MDF window boards. I am just wondering once the MDF has been cut to size are you then able to sand down the edges to give the bullnose effect? Thanks in advance
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    Am I being too fussy? Joiners / carpenters advice please

    Apologies if it's not the right place to post it but I need some expert opinion please. I am having a few things done on our house which is being fully refurbished. I needed a joiner for a new front door/frame, 5 inside doors to realign (were hung by me previously), door furniture for 6 doors, 3...