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    Ecofit pure 825 and hive wiring

    Hi I have just switched an old thermostat to hive. I am not sure the old thermostat ever worked. Essentially the boiler is not responding to hive and the heating is constantly on. I have used the same wiring configuration on the old thermostat and havent touched the wiring on the boiler. Do I...
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    2011 vivaro indicators

    Hi I’m in need of some advice.. I have a fault with the indicators on my 2011 Vauxhall Vivaro The passenger rear side indicator doesn’t flash. the front & side indicator flashes and ticks extremely fast but the drivers side works fine front and back and ticks at its normal rate. I’ve checked...
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    Running Nest Wires

    Hi Folks, I can’t see that anyone has answered this anywhere else… Plumbers are coming next week to fit new boiler and nest thermostats, Replacing a pair of oldish wireless ones. I have asked for the the thermostats to be wired in rather than wireless, which they are happy to do as long as...
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    Nest Gen 3 to replace an old Horstmann Potterton controller to a Ideal Mexico 2 Boiler

    Hi, We have just moved in to an old property with a Ideal Mexico 2 boiler controlled from a Horstmann Potterton controller. The timer function has just stopped working and I thought I could upgrade the potterton controller to a Nest thermostat with heat link. I think the Ideal Mexico 2 is a...