wood flooring

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    Help needed - broken screed in corner

    Hi I’ve just pulled up the carpet and underlay in the dining room before some new wood flooring goes down next week and found that a piece of screed in the corner of the room is badly cracked / damaged. The piece looks like it’s separated from the rest of the screed and I can push it down...
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    Making wood flooring on top of concrete finished with tile

    Hello, I need help with my current project I hope more experienced people can help if what I have planned is okay, what should I maybe do different. I live in Europe so building materials might be different. What is important that I have a big balcony which has to elevated around 2 inches. It...
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    Matching the right varnish after damage

    Hi all, Took on a DIY project and while it was going on decided to protect the wood flooring with this self adhesive film: It was all going well until the time came to remove the film. Sadly as it was being removed it took some of the varnish with it from the flooring :( I bought some...
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    Fixing solid wood floor to FLOW SCREED

    I have had a new flow screed put down in my extension. It was a cementitious screed, that went down as a liquid, with a fully tanked membrane underneath. It was a couple of months ago so it is fully dry but obviously I will be checking this before putting flooring down. The screed has a very...
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    Stain on wood floor- ufh leak or chemical reaction?

    I spotted this dark stain on my wood floor around 3 weeks ago, last time the underfloor heating was on was in December. Yesterday I switched it on again and it seems to be getting bigger. The stain is dark, no cupping or crowning, no sign of water or moisture. Any ideas whether it's a chemical...
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    What type of floor oil / varnish is this?

    Hello, I'm hoping you can help me with this! I need to sand down a few patches of an old wooden floor, due to extreme grubbiness / ingrained dirt, and then re-oil or varnish to pretty much the same colour. I have sanded down a patch and tried applying four coats of danish oil. The finish...
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    Parquet or Plank

    Hi all, I have just purchased a bungalow. It's in need of a full renovation but just doing the planning now. I am wanting to install word flooring (or LVT) throughout as I think it makes a place look bigger. I have seen some really lovely parquet LVT and engineered wood floors and wondering if...