1. N

    Quartz worktops concern

    Hi. I'm wondering if anyone out there has any experience of quartz worktops in their kitchens? I was listening to the Reclining Pair podcast the other day, where the host was talking about fitting the kitchen in his newly (self) built extension. He was saying that quarts has energy holding...
  2. nbellyjnr

    B&Q Fitting Service Gone Wrong

    Hi Everyone, This thread has been invaluable to me the last few weeks. We have had an ongoing, 5 month saga with a B&Q kitchen fitting. The first fitters that attended were clearly not qualified and did virtually everything wrong. This needed to be assessed and refitted. The work included not...
  3. M

    Kitchen end panels and worktop replacement

    Hi I'm am looking to replace my kitchen doors, drawers, end panels and kickboards with 18mm birch plywood. What is the best way to remove the end panels particularly where they are situated either side of the oven. I believe they are secured with screws inside the cabinets but I can't imagine...
  4. M

    DIY Plywood Worktops

    We've inherited a home with 18mm ply kitchen worktops but never surface finished. They are sound and fit well. What could I face them with to finish off? Tiles or other? Thankyou..