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    Yellow MDPE used for mains water

    Hi all, I need some advice. Our stopcock is peeing water in the basement. It's right next to the electricity meter and fuse board. We can't find an external street meter or stopcock and the water board hasn't a clue where the feed is. So I've excavated the back yard and exposed the pipework...
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    How to restore yellowed shower trim (was transparent)

    Our guest bathroom shower enclosure has six transparent seals for the doors - two of which have discoloured/yellowed (same part - from both sides). Before we look at replacing them, does anyone have any tips for restoring discoloured/yellowed trim back to its transparent state?
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    Yellow stain on re-skimmed ceiling

    Hi had my kitchen ceiling skimmed about 5 weeks ago, over the top of the old ceiling which was just in a bad state. It was boarded originally. Everything has been fine, until yesterday, I noticed a yellow stain in one of the corners. Ironically it’s the corner than dried out first after...
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    Honeywell Lynx not arming

    Hello, I have a honeywell lynxtouch2 which does not respond when i press the Arm Away button and also has a yellow banner in the top of the screen with the following message " Not ready to arm-away system trouble" . What can be causing this issue? Thanks