1. goldielocks

    Zinsser Gardz as wood primer?

    Can anyone tell me if i can use Zinnser Gardz as a primer on cheap bare timber doors in prep for waterbased gloss?
  2. goldielocks

    Adding black or grey pigment to tint Zinsser Bin

    Anyone knowledgable know if i can i tint my Zinsser Bin grey/black? I will be using Black gloss atop the bin. Can anyone tell me how i go about this please? I have a 1L can of bin.
  3. goldielocks

    Black gloss on top of Zinsser Bin applied to skirting/trim

    Hi Plan on Zinsser Binning my really old (11 years+) white glossed moulded skirting & then hopefully some black gloss on top. Being a noob i have only gone and bought Dulux WB Quick Dry Gloss & have seen many comments about how crappy it is. Should i get rid of the dulux and go oil based...
  4. S

    Dulux easycare emulsion over Zinsser 123?

    Hi all, quick question: I'm planning to paint a bathroom ceiling with Dulux's easycare bathroom emulsion paint. However, there's a bit of old staining that I want to cover with Zinsser bullseye 123 first. Do you know if these two products are compatible or not please? The ceiling is plaster, if...
  5. M

    Cracks on coving joins

    I put up duropolymer coving last summer, used plenty of non solvent adhesive also in between the joins. Before painting, I put 2 coats easi fill over the joins and feathered out, sanding in between, then emulsioned over. Soon after I noticed cracks in all places where the joints are. How do I...
  6. A

    Painting on plaster

    Following replastering of my wall I have waited five months for the wall to dry out. This will sound like a crazy amount of time but I have had a slight damp patch where the timber has been historically soaked with water ingress. The exterior brickwork was fixed prior to replastering but it...
  7. A

    Zinsser perma white over lining paper

    I've pasted some fresh 1700 grade lining paper. Is zinsser perma white suitable to paint over lining paper and do I need to thin the first coat when painting fresh lining paper of such a heavy grade?
  8. F

    Painting satinwood over old gloss - losing my mind!

    Hi all! I am having an absolute headache trying to work out exactly how best to do this. I've spent hours researching and there seems to be so many conflicting comments out there. I wish to repaint all of the gloss in my house with a satinwood finish. There are several layers of paint on the...
  9. crossconstruction

    Zinsser Bullseye or Coverstain

    Hi, Just a quick one. We repaired and painted (both weathershield undercoat and satinwood) an old external bay window and we have some stains which have bled through. When internal we have used B.I.N before and its worked great, however it states not suitable for external. So question is, would...
  10. P

    Stains bleeding through Zinnser 123

    Hello all, I'm in the process of up-cycling a piece of furniture which appears to be made from particle board with some kind of veneer coating. I sanded the whole piece, vacuumed and then wiped down with a damp cloth. Then it came to painting. I opted to go with Leyland acrylic...
  11. M

    What type of brush/roller for Zinsser BIN application?

    Hi there, I'm looking to paint my wood kitchen cabinets. I'd like to use Zinsser BIN primer as wood knots are currently bleeding through the paint. What type of brush/roller is best for applying Zinsser BIN on wood cabinets? I know some people suggest to use cheap tools that you can dispose...
  12. J

    Paper over Zinsser Wallpaper Cover Up?

    I've used some (a lot) of Zinssers Wallpaper Cover Up to prime and cover some vinyl wallpaper, with the intention of painting over with emulsion (as directed on the instructions). The Zinssers has done a brilliant job of adhering to the vinyl, but I think the walls would benefit from a layer of...
  13. X

    Ceiling paper peeling... Fix?

    Hi all Back once again! The property is an 1860's terrace with lovely high ceilings, cornicing and ceiling centres. As you can see in the pictures the wallpaper on the ceiling has lifted at the seams. It is nonetheless lovely paper and I am wondering if there is an effective fix for this...
  14. J

    1930s Semi. Hallway -panelling - Sanded back - Zinsser Bin?

    Just finishing stripping hallway paneling (oak veneered ply) for re-painting. It had previously been stripped (circa 20 yrs ago by previous owner) but re-finished in a dark varnish and in some hard to reach places the original dark finish remains. I've stripped it all off and sanded it, although...
  15. W

    Wall paper paste removal before painting - Zinsser Gardz

    Hello everybody! I’ve just removed peeling lining paper from the walls of my living room and I’m now left with quite a lot of paste residue on the walls. I’ve just about resigned myself to steaming/scraping/sugar soaping the paste off as best as possible but just noticed a product that might...